SEO Practices That Are Old Yet Very Relevant

Some of the new SEO practices are extremely functional, but let us not underestimate the old school SEO habits that are still very functional to this day. It has been a great help to websites to have a better ranking, and let us not forget, earnings! Sounds great? So, let us take a look at […]

SEO Guide for Micro Enterprises (Part 2)

When you have a micro enterprise to run, for sure it is something you have always wanted to do. But that is not the end of it. For sure, you have experienced, tracking the receipts, paying the bills, and the hardest part is that you have become your company’s customer service rep. If you think […]

SEO Guide for Micro Enterprises (Part 1)

It will be wise for you to know the essentials of SEO. To help you, here are the topmost principles of SEO that micro enterprise owners need to be aware of. All you have to do is to understand and you are on your way to a better SEO result. So let’s go over them: […]

Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 2

Since things always change, it follows that SEO strategies has its own changes too. The techniques that were effective during a certain period of time, but today, they aren’t anymore. Those should be left behind or better still buried, but many small businesses and rookie marketers still prefer to apply the SEO outdated ways. It is useless […]

Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 1

SEO had made a lot of various experimental changes in the past years and it still has been going through it up to this very day. Regardless of the many developments, other people prefers to cling to the old ways of utilizing the antiquated practices to increase its presence and accomplishments. Admit it, those old […]