Why Accessibility is Important for SEO

We all should take accessibility seriously when we talk about SEO and web development. You should never be disregarding this because it will increase your ranking and your sales. How did WordPress Faced this Issue Sadly, WordPress faced this matter in retrospect. Just because they have built a plugin to do everything for them rather than […]

5 SEO Terms to Ditch Right Now & 5 New Terms to Focus On

Do you know Godfather III, Pretty Woman, Mariah Carey, and Honda Civic? What is common among them? The answer is simple: after 20 long years, they are still known. It is the same with SEO! There would be SEO phrases that are trendy. Additionally, there are SEO phrases that we should eliminate. Outdated phrases to […]

Facts to Consider Before Making Important Changes in Your Website Part 2

It is wise to stop and think first before starting to redesign your website. You need to thoroughly think of the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. It is important for you to know the power and the feebleness because in knowing this, you will be able to decide which ones has to remain and […]

Facts to Consider Before Making Important Changes in Your Website Part 1

With all the changes in the SEO world, you know that you need to be at par with the rest of your competitor if not, surpass them. You may also realized that your design is not a good fit for your purpose. Therefore, it is time for a change but, hold it right there. Before […]

The Connection Between Applicability and Email Marketing

Email marketing is the bastion of the establishments today.  To be successful in this, you have to possess a very productive email marketing strategy to enhance your conversion rates. You are probably wondering why email marketing is very effective than social media marketing, personal branding, and a whole lot more, right? Well, the answers are […]