Big SEO Trends to Take On Before 2020

Content is more essential in SEO.  So what’s new? Simply increase Google and your audience approvals, and what matters is content. It still reigns supreme in the SEO arena. We are talking about ingenuity, the type of media, and last but not the least, your target audience. You want to know more about it?

Upward Trends for SEO

Here are the SEO trends that you have to follow:


  • More people learned that a shallow content, will garner shallow results. Users want more spent, thoroughly searched, and lengthy contents that are more beneficial. Take a quick look at the top 5 Google search results and you will realized that these top pages have a well-research content. They present their research, include an infographic, and present in a way that’s very understandable to the audience.


  • A study tells us that 56% of the B2C content marketers placed a greater weight on time. So, last year they placed their time and money resources as their investment. This could pretty much cover the following:
    • Expounding thoroughly on keywords and subjects.
    • Crafting the foundation of the coverage content.
    • Writing and developing the content.
    • Improving the screen grabs, graphics, and taking advantage of other media files.
    • Advertising your posts in the various channels.
  • Akin to Google Trends, content marketing got on top of its popularity in the past years. So, if you want to reach your goal this year, spend on content marketing. You may end up being ahead of the pack.


  • This is another chosen fad that many marketers in the field use in one channel and that reflects on one survey by Evergage. It says 93% of marketers utilize this approach. This system concentrates on altering the content for the different users of your site built on obtainable usable personal data like the latest browser history, statistics, and interests.
  • Evergage survey tells us that personalization:
    • Aids in a high quality shopping experience.
    • Creates quantifiable ROI.
    • Escalates the sense of loyalty of customers.
  • The reality is that a specific content converses with a definite type of user.  Content personalization gives each visitor a distinct depending on whether it is their 1st visit or 22nd visit; because of this, the user will keep on coming back to your site for more.


A certain study said that 90% of the consumers chooses dependability to the brands that they love and patronize. Marketers knows this, but there is a problem here. Why? Because 92% of the marketers think and feel they are dependable but customers thinks they are not.

Meanwhile, if the brands are dependable, nearly 90% of the consumers will do something about it.

  • 52% will tell people how great your product is.
  • 49% would stick to your product.


Adults over 18 years old utilize a minimum of 11 hours per day on content that is available on mobile phones, the internet, and other devices that has an internet connection. Be smart and get into YouTube, podcasts, live streaming, and other visual content. It is a good idea to be where your preferred customers are, and put your money on those platforms.


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