How to Evaluate Your SEO Approach (Part 1)

Your past SEO knowledge will not be of assistance to you today.

  • The reason is that Google and other search engines are continuously doing their adjustments to their ranking algorithms to develop the type of results they give to users. The goal of SEO is to be on the top of the list and this means you have to be on the first page in spite of the traffic.
  • Do not stop with your early success even if you have reached the top for several months or years, you just have to continuously develop your SEO approach. To do this, take the first step and analyze the part where you should improve. Examine your status and do the following guidelines below:

Evaluating Your SEO Strategy

  • Start with your link audit

    • Ask yourself these questions, what are the sources of the links? Are they credible sites? Because if they are not, then, they must be hurting the ranking of your site.
  • Examine Your Technical Side

    • Only start with this when you have finished the link audit.
    • Can the search engines crawl to your site?
    • Is the page load swift?
    • Is the content in particular order?
    • Are you prepared for the mobile platform? If your answer is no, then that can cause your ranking.
    • Do all your pages contain title tags and meta description?
    • Do your images suitable for alternative text?

Person Writing on a Notebook

  • Immerse More on Social Media and Content Marketing

  • Fixing your content scheme is more practical than adding a fresh content which admittedly is helpful, but when you deal with whatever you already have that needs a little bit of improvement can save you time and effort and is vitally important.
    • Be certain that you follow some guidelines:
      • Review all the spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
      • After analyzing and you realized that it gives no value to your target market, and then create more interesting content.
      • Find out if content is skillfully divided and has the correct internal linking.
    • The next best thing to do is to analyze your social media strategy and how you can integrate it in the overall approach.
    • Everything has to work out together; your social media undertakings should be able to build authority, trust, more traffic, and most importantly the appreciation of your brand.
  • Make sure you can answer all the Inquiries below to know if your strategy is working:

    • How big is the traffic from the referrals?
    • How big is the traffic from the organic search?
    • How many rankings convert over the years?
    • Do you own pages that do not create traffic?
    • What is your best demonstrated content? What about the least?
    • From being just mere web visitors, how many converted and became your customers?
    • Number of new links and citations earned since the last auditing?
    • Since you formally started, how’s your site’s progress and growth?

Wrap up!

These are the questions that will assist you in improving in all the needed areas. Hang in there, I will talk more about assessment and improvement on your SEO strategy, and that will be soon. Update: I posted part 2 right here!