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Ruling the Ribbon – Establish Your Dominance on Google Places

When you conduct a search on Google, the results page features a black ribbon right across the top of the page with a list of relevant businesses. This area is called "The Ribbon," and while it might seem like a random list created by Google Places, there are actually ways to ensure that your website gets more attention than anyone else's.

At LinkHelpers, we offer citation building, which is a service that gets your website listed in no-follow directories. Citation building will give your website credibility that moves you higher in the ribbon's rankings, but there is more to making sales than simply making an appearance – you also have to motivate the user to click onto your website.

Reviews are Nothing More than Eye Candy

Many business owners pay far too much attention to reviews. While it's nice to have some positive feedback, all of the reviews in the world won't drive quality traffic to your website. This is because positive reviews won't do anything to improve your rankings in either the ribbon or the search engine results page.

When people conduct a search on Google, they expect to find what they are looking for immediately. If you don't grab their attention on the results page you have already lost a sale before you ever got a chance to make your pitch. Citation building makes it possible for you to establish a dominant presence on the ribbon, which is especially beneficial if your potential clients are using cell phones to conduct searches.

Internet Users will Most Often Pick the Best Photo from the Ribbon

While citation building allows you to establish your website on the Google Places ribbon, it is just as vital to stand out from the other websites listed alongside yours. Because every business on the ribbon is accompanied by a small photo, the photo you choose will have a tremendous impact on how many people link to your site after they conduct a search.

This is where the experience of our professional SEO consultants comes in handy. Since the inception of SEO, we've been preaching that optimization is useless if a customer doesn't ultimately make a purchase. By choosing a photo that appeals to the desires of consumers, you can considerably increase the traffic being driven to your site. In this way, Google Places represents another valuable way that you can connect with consumers.

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We can help you with your Google Places listing and increase your business' revenue. Contact us at (206) 866-0006, or fill out our online form, and we will put our experience to work for you.

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