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Seattle SEO Content Writing

Statistical Approach to SEO Content Writing

We have done an extensive statistical study of how Search Engines rank relevance. We are the only SEO company that creates optimized content based on these statistical findings. Using proprietary tools, we’ve identified specific ranges that dictate the frequency with which certain keywords can be used, and our writers follow these strict guidelines when creating written content. When using this method, the content actually reads better and is not keyword stuffed. But there is far more to writing quality content than simply managing the frequency of keywords, read on.

Why Communicating with Consumers is Vital to Success

Searching the web for goods and services may seem like a solitary affair, but when a user links to your website you are essentially engaging them in a conversation. You have seconds to make an impression, and if successful you only have a few more seconds to make your sale.

While most business owners are proficient at pitching their product, few can consider themselves professional writers. This leads to problems with communication that often lead to lost sales. Worse, poorly written content that includes grammatical errors and poor punctuation can even degrade the credibility of your business.

Your Content is Your Only Means of Engaging an Internet User

Content includes the overall design of your website and the written content. While web designers are usually skilled at creating stunning layouts designed to engage the user, few are actually skilled writers. While the layout of your website is essential to its success, the only way you will ultimately make a sale is with content writing that convinces consumers to choose your product or service over that of your competition.

Does it make sense to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional web designer without hiring a professional writer to handle the content?

At LinkHelpers, we understand that content writing is more than just words on a page. Your website’s written content must engage the reader, be clear and concise, and consider the necessity of closing the sale.

Content Writing Must also Consider the Incorporation of SEO Keywords

Many web designers think that they can throw a litany of keywords onto a single webpage and it will somehow help the website’s search engine ranking. Usually this practice has the opposite effect.

Google’s algorithms are so refined that they can detect when someone uses keywords in such as way that they fall out of their naturally occurring order. Quality content writing takes keyword frequency into consideration so that the webpage gets a boost from the content instead of a penalty.

You Hire a Professional to do a Professional Job

At LinkHelpers, we discovered the value of hiring professional writers to handle our client’s content years ago. Anyone can write generic content, but only a professional knows how to engage a reader and pique their curiosity.

Does it cost more to utilize a professional writer’s services? Indeed, it does. But your website’s content is the only way you can pitch your product to consumers on the internet, so doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to communicate effectively?

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