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Steve is entirely the subject matter expert in the SEO arena. Our rankings and ratings with Steve’s efforts have paid off and we are very happy with him and his team.

Mark McClure

Steve Mapua of Premium SEO and LinkHelpers has been assisting me with my search engine optimization for several years now.  Hiring Steve is the best thing I’ve done for my firm’s web marketing.  He and his staff are very knowledgeable and personable,  and they complete key tasks promptly and efficiently.  Steve provides me with a monthly linking report to show how my website is performing.  Under his expert guidance, I have seen my web presence take off, bringing me new quality clients on a regular basis.  I can’t recommend Premium SEO and LinkHelpers too highly!

Brooks Kolb

These guys are amazing. Boosted all our websites to no 1 on google and Bing. Steve abs his team know what they are doing and back up their services with results.

Atif Saeed

Premium Seattle SEO is the real deal; they have long established track record with proven results.

Paul Reichow

The most effective SEO you can find. Highly competent team and a great asset to my business.

Claudia Haque

Steve and his staff of professionals have always done a great job for our companies. Keep up the great work and glad to have started using you over 20 years ago.

Charlie Summerville

Steady smart work. A great guy to have on your team. You won’t be disappointed.

Gary Nilsen

Steve and team were able to get us #1-#3 organic results in every major city in the U.S. using their unique approach to city pages.   One of the few SEO companies (of many that I’ve used) that got real results that stuck over time.

Jack Rozint

I’ve been working with LinkHelpers for over 3 years for my agency SEO needs. I have clients on the premium SEO plan, engaged in the most sophisticated levels of SEO and I know I can always count on Steve and his team for anything digital: writers, back-end and front-end web developers.  My clients and I enjoy the results of a well planned, well strategized SEO and well monitored SEO.

Luciana Kairalla

We at Adword Associates have utilized Link Helper’s services for many years with much success.  Great Services and great prices and a great value! Thanks Steve!

Adword Associates, LLC

These guys  have been working for me for over 10 yrs! great service… they know what they are doing (which is hard to find) and most importantly have helped me bring traffic to my site year after year and help me keep my business making money year after year!

Ric Craig

Steve and his team did a great job moving my website from the sixth page to the first in Google Search results. Thanks for the great work.

Jerry Pflugh

Steve and his team work extensively on our national SEO program.  The results are nothing short of amazing!  I highly recommend LinkHelpers!

Travis Dillard

The LinkHelpers team have exceeded our expectations and brought excellent suggestions, strategies and style to our web presence. Highly recommend their services!  Steve and team are outstanding!

Martin Koeppe

Linkhelpers has increased our visibility (always in one of the top 3 spots) after being buried many pages down in Google search results.  We’ve seen an increase in our web contacts and our business has experienced solid growth.

Greg Mennegar

I have been working with Link Helpers aka Premium Seattle SEO for quite a few years now. A number of my clients utilize their linking and citation services and have experiences great rankings consequently. Steve Mapua really knows his stuff in SEO. I highly recommend them.

Don Allen

Love these guys!  Their service has been top-notch since day 1.  I am very happy that I was able to find them to help me with my business.

Karrie Dubose

Steve and his company did an outstanding job creating our self-storage business’s website and ensuring that it consistently appears at the top of all pertinent web searches. The website it modern, clean and our business is thriving. Thanks Steve!

Joel Roman

It has been my pleasure to work with Steve and company for more than 6 years and they are sincerely concerned with my business and have also have created significant financial results for Organic Blueprints. I highly recommend working with them for immediate results as well as the long haul.

Carroll King Schuller
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