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Link Building for SEO Must Follow the Rules

In many ways SEO (search engine optimization) is like a game where Search Engines define the rules. Obviously, your role as a business owner is to win this game to drive quality traffic to your website, generating sales, and increasing profits. However, failure to follow the link building rules as outlined by Google and the other search engines will lead to penalties or disqualifications.

Google’s algorithms are constantly being refined in an effort to determine the “natural order” of the internet – including the distribution of links. These algorithms are so effective, that they can identify websites that practice link building in an unnatural way. Google then flags these websites as link building “cheaters” and punishes them by demoting them lower in the results page.

What is the secret of successful Seattle link building? Diversity.

Understanding the Three Dimensions of Diversity

Successful link building can only be accomplished by considering the natural distribution of links, and mimicking those organic patterns. However, the success of your business’ website will also hinge on a deeper understanding of link building that includes subtleties many fail to consider.

Indeed, link building in Seattle is a multi-dimensional process that we will outline here:

  • The First Dimension is Diversity of Source – Links must be distributed across different domains. Too many links from a single domain is unnatural, and will trigger a penalty from Google. While the “Holy Grail” of link diversity would be one link per domain, this is usually impossible. Fewer than ten links per domain is good. Eight links is better. Five links per domain is great. This kind of link building takes more effort, but our link building experts understand how vital it is to success.
  • The Second Dimension is Diversity of Anchor Links – Creating Anchor links (keyword links) used to be pretty simple. This is no longer possible because Google will penalize websites with redundant keyword links. Anchor links must now be included in part of a larger overall context. So, if “Seattle electrician” is your keyword of choice, the link should include some of the dialog surrounding the phrase, such as, “John Smith is a Seattle electrician that will electrify your home or office.”
  • The Third Dimension is Diversity of PageRank – All web pages are ranked according to the number and quality of links to the page, thus gauging the importance of the web page. There are billions of pages with a page ranking of 1, and very few with the highest page ranking of 10. Links should be a statistical subset of the Google PageRank distribution.The distribution of links to a webpage must match the natural distribution of links across the Internet. So, if you have too many high PageRank links, or too few low PageRank links, your site will be penalized. Mimicking the statistical distribution of PageRank in your links is a vital part of link building that requires help from an experienced professional. Mastering this mathematical approach is what we excel at.

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