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Seattle Website Optimization

Your Website is Useless without Optimization

Did you build a website thinking that it would attract new clients and increase your bottom line, only to discover that nobody can find it on the internet? If so, you’re not the first. Most Seattle business owners that assume building a website will attract new clients quickly learn that driving traffic to their site is extremely difficult.

Worse, many have paid for website search engine optimization in the Seattle area, only to discover that simply increasing traffic fails to generate new customers. This is because many in the Seattle website optimization business fail to consider the importance of providing internet users what they need immediately after landing on a particular page.

Will Optimization Generate More Revenue for My Seattle Business?

If done correctly—yes. Optimization of a webpage must “optimize” the content in such a way so that the user is motivated to make a purchase.

How is successful optimization accomplished?

There are three steps to a successful Seattle website optimization plan, outlined as follows:

  • Identify the Right Keywords —These are the words and phrases that search engine user’s type into the toolbar. You must utilize keywords that will direct quality traffic to your Seattle website. Optimization for website keywords takes careful consideration and knowledgeable research.
  • Keywords Must Be Built into the Content of Individual Pages—In the not-too-distant past, it was commonplace to optimize a website’s homepage for many different keywords. However, this optimization model failed because website home pages became too cluttered with spurious information, forcing most users to hit the back button and start their searches over again.

    Successful website optimization seeks to eliminate wasting the time of the search engine user, and this was the whole point of Google’s Hummingbird Update. For this reason, it is vital to optimize interior website pages in tandem with the homepage. These pages must also be optimized for unique keywords, and the content on the page must be driven around those specific keywords.

    Essentially, you are creating multiple website landing pages designed around what various users are specifically looking for. For example, if you own a beauty salon you may optimize separate interior website pages for keywords like “tanning,” “manicures,” and “hair styling.”By offering customers specific information you are far more likely to keep them on the page. Internet users will not drill through a website to find what they need—you MUST make it easy for them to find what they are looking for immediately after land on the page.

  • Close the Sale on the Page—Many Seattle website optimization strategies fail because they ignore the essentially of closing a sale. You need to make it easy for customers to make a purchase on your website, and this can be accomplished in a variety of simple ways like making your phone number clearly visible or creating an online form.

We Can Help You Optimize Your Seattle Website and Increase Sales

What is the point of search engine optimization if it doesn’t increase sales? At LinkHelpers, we’ve developed customized optimization strategies for small Seattle businesses and Fortune 500 Companies alike. We can help drive traffic to your website and increase your bottom line.

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