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Seattle Google Places SEO

If You Fail to Take Advantage of Google Places, You’re Missing the Bigger Picture

Successful search engine optimization (SEO) must consider the tools and technology people use when searching the internet. If you own a smart phone, you are undoubtedly familiar with Google Places.

Also called Google Maps-Places, this tool is helpful because it shows the location of a business when a person conducts a search. What many people fail to realize is that Google Map- Places listings dominate searches that are conducted via cell phones.

What does this mean? If your website fails to rank on the Google Places listings you are missing a key demographic that is getting larger every day. And while a Places listing is important, it is also vital to rank your website’s listing above that of your competitors.

Your Customers are Using Cell Phones to Conduct their Internet Searches. Are they Finding You?

For the last three years, searches conducted via laptop and desktop computers are down 7% EACH year. Landline use is also in rapid decline. Why?

Because almost everyone owns a cell phone, and they are using it more and more to conduct internet searches. Indeed, mobile searches recently surpassed desktop searches, so if you think that the future is cell phones, you are already behind the times.

Worse, you are missing a key sale’s demographic. Google Places represents a valuable way for you to connect with new clients. To take advantage of Google Maps-Places, you must make sure you get your listing right from the outset, and ensure that it grabs the attention of the user. Cell phones are small, so making an impression takes considerable forethought, and it doesn’t hurt to have some real-world experience.

We Will Create a Google Maps-Places Listing that Gets You Noticed by Cell Phone Users

When you hold a cell phone, you are essentially holding the sum-total of all human knowledge in the palm of your hand. It’s surprisingly affordable to control how information regarding your business is disseminated by creating a Google Maps-Places listing that catches the eye of your future clients.

Our Seattle SEO professionals constantly stay abreast of how consumers utilize new technologies so that our clients stay at the top of the search engine rankings, regardless of the tools used to conduct searches. We can create a Google Places listing for your website so that you maintain a competitive edge over your competition.

Contact us today at (206) 866-0006 for a free consultation concerning your Google Maps-Places listing, and we can also discuss how citations can give you a distinct advantage over others in your field. Utilizing technology to increase your profits is another way that the professionals at LinkHelpers offer real-world solutions to your business needs.