SEO Elements to Firmly Follow this 2019

Last year, there were thrilling changes in how Google ranks its sites. Previously, the links are biggest ranking factor. But today, that is no longer the case. For your covenience, below are the SEO elements to firmly follow this year:

  • Understand the Structured Data

Structured Data terrifying in the beginning, but if you will try, it is not difficult to know how it works. Just copy, paste and use it.

  • Refrain from structured data error
  • There are a great number of sites that were penalized because of their incorrect implementation of structured data. And even if you did not really intend to, you get castigated just the same. It is always good to be careful.
  • That being said, here are the standard structured data errors you need to stay away from:
    • Violates a definite data type of Google’s Guidelines.
    • Violates Google’s Structured Data Customary Specifications.
    • The structured data and the on-page content are not equivalent.
    • Unsuitable usage of structured data.

Utilizing shortcuts and taking the privilege called manipulative behavior.

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  • Know Podcasts

Podcasts has became such a favored technique to utilize content. Find out if your would-be customers are tuning in to podcasts that has to do with your field. If so, try all means to reach them.  It could be by using sponsorship, by motivating a particular content that is appealing, or taking a role on the podcast. It is a digital audio file found in the internet waiting to be downloaded by any device that a subscriber can systematically receive. That being said, podcast can be a great way to add in your content marketing.

  • Increase your Content Focus

It is possible that content is the greatest piece of marketing in 2019. If that is not your focus, then you might have to pay a huge price for it. 2018 saw a tremendous number of sites that lost painfully in their ranking. This shows you that there is no way out in producing the coolest content you could ever think of.

The ultimate outcome is the fact that pages do get great ranking due to the websites link to the pages. This goes to show that those said pages achieved to settle a problem. Nobody would link to a web page just because of its keyword relevance.

  • Boost SEO Image

Treat your images the same way you treat your heading elements and title because they all are responsible in making the page rank better. Images likewise amplify your ranking standing by being in the enhanced listings.

  • Who does not love the step by step guide? Screenshots and illustrations assist a whole lot and Google tends to use images in enhanced listings. Even just one image that tells something could get you to the top ranking.
  • One reason that could slow down your rankings and sale could be because your images are defined by megabytes. This will give you heavy images and that is equivalent to higher bandwidth on your server. Surely, you will have to pay extra charges to the web host. Apart from this, it will be one of the factors why your server will greatly slow down. This occurs when visitors simultaneously come to your site.

5 SEO Terms to Ditch Right Now & 5 New Terms to Focus On

Do you know Godfather III, Pretty Woman, Mariah Carey, and Honda Civic? What is common among them? The answer is simple: after 20 long years, they are still known. It is the same with SEO! There would be SEO phrases that are trendy. Additionally, there are SEO phrases that we should eliminate.

Outdated phrases to eliminate now:

  • SEO

    • It has many names such as “search engine placement,” though none of these titles was embedded in the minds of people. Truthfully, it is just SEO who were and still is remembered and used.
    • Does it describe what content marketers and search engine actually do? Does most people really do just mere optimization for search engines?
  • Link Building

    • It is a process of gaining hyperlinks that are from other websites going to your
      website. This is the reason why it is often being changed and now creating top quality links is a must.
    • The only hindrance here is that there is no simple direction saying what can be done and what cannot be done.
    • The funny thing is that there are more things that cannot be done compared to what can be done. It is very cunning that the word should be replaced by something that is has more positivity linking habits.
  • Black hat SEO is so antiquated!
    • To start with, algorithm revision will take away the bad schemes. And so, the sites that continuously use the term instantly plummeted down in ratings. Another aspect is that the experience of the users will diminish that despite the high rankings, and it will no longer matter.
  • White hat SEO means the usage of optimization schemes and capabilities that enhances your ranking in the user-friendly SERP results.
    • Meantime, it does continue to be truthful by following the guidelines of search engines. It is the only process that is constant and shows to be rewarding not only to your website but your brand and your business, too.
  • SEO Hacks is exactly as it sound, negative! Honestly, there is really no SEO “black hat” or “white hat.”
    • In general, it is an unofficial encroachment that infringes another person’s personal information in the intention of exploiting it. It likewise means altering a definite system if not, messing around the security features.

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Meanwhile, here are the SEO phrases you should use:

  • Content marketing

    • It is the “in thing” when it pertains to marketing. What is potent is the
      combination of Content Marketing and SEO to assure success to those companies who uses this strategy.
  • SEO copywriting

    • It is a type of writing that makes use of key words. We are talking about the
      words that users type in the search box to attain high ranking which the search results can show.
  • Artificial intelligence

    • It is the building of intelligent machines. We are talking about voice search, content robots, and voice assistants that alters our search experience. It consists of speech recognition, learning, problem solving and planning.
  • Virtual reality

    • It could possibly be the subsequent technology that could perfectly mix together. Virtual reality plus content could meet the virtual goals that perhaps is inconceivable but obtainable.
  • Trust building.

    • It is a phrase that should not be forgotten. This signifies that you concentrate
      on the user and the audience. Begin to build the user’s trust by simply helping them.


SEO Strategies to Use in 2019 (Part 1)

Last year, SEO became really big. New trends, tools and updates abound that you have to pay attention to, observe, study and plan. The fact is that you could not put all your attention to it plus there are many poor SEO strategies that cannot help you progress. Admit it, perhaps you yourself are doing it. The best thing to do is to prepare for the many changes, and to create good ones. Here are some tips:


    • Now that your context is awesome, you have to stay really sharp or better still, sharper technical SEO. It is possible to share lots content, make more links to guarantee that you will rank well. Undeniably, technical SEO does an enormous part here. Nevertheless, you are probably more of the content because of your great imaginative mind, but there are still a lot of sections of SEO that you can obtain and be certainly good at. It looks like technical SEO is gradually fading away.Person Holding Turned-on Tablet Displaying Online Marketing


    • There are many jobs that people can do alone like encoders, voiceless customer service, writers, etc. Bring people to your circle and scheme. Engage people you can count on and get all the help you possibly can.
    • Take in PR, marketer, research, sales people, product teams, and real customers. These group will assist you to learn and build your master plan.
    • You should not allow your team to control you or tell you how SEO should be taken cared of. What you can do in this scenario is to develop them. You can likewise have the consciousness of all your customer’s experience. These are the facts you need to construct your scheme. These will truly draw the attention of your stakeholders.


    • Be aware of the other parts of marketing and advertising. It is easy to link up with paid search and apportion keyword data.
    • Go out there and search for the means to accumulate consciousness from the common print, marketing, and include the offline encounters too!
    • Assists other channels that can help you with content, links, and other outside components that does have an influence to power up your SEO.


    • We all have our own strength and weakness. But if you think you are good, you may be right, but not at everything. There many more parts of SEO that you are excited to work on compared to the rest. Because of this factor, you have to possess the habits that gives you the equilibrium to center your attention as to produce remarkable results.
    • If you target only one, it could possibly backfire on you when a crucial algorithm update comes to fore. But then again, it could also be a competitor that has focused or came in the same field whose approach could blow your mind and completely derail you. If that will be the case, then, you were definitely over powered by your opponent. Tough luck!

Want to know more? there are more SEO tips for 2019 right here.