5 SEO Terms to Ditch Right Now & 5 New Terms to Focus On

Do you know Godfather III, Pretty Woman, Mariah Carey, and Honda Civic? What is common among them? The answer is simple: after 20 long years, they are still known. It is the same with SEO! There would be SEO phrases that are trendy. Additionally, there are SEO phrases that we should eliminate.

Outdated phrases to eliminate now:

  • SEO

    • It has many names such as “search engine placement,” though none of these titles was embedded in the minds of people. Truthfully, it is just SEO who were and still is remembered and used.
    • Does it describe what content marketers and search engine actually do? Does most people really do just mere optimization for search engines?
  • Link Building

    • It is a process of gaining hyperlinks that are from other websites going to your
      website. This is the reason why it is often being changed and now creating top quality links is a must.
    • The only hindrance here is that there is no simple direction saying what can be done and what cannot be done.
    • The funny thing is that there are more things that cannot be done compared to what can be done. It is very cunning that the word should be replaced by something that is has more positivity linking habits.
  • Black hat SEO is so antiquated!
    • To start with, algorithm revision will take away the bad schemes. And so, the sites that continuously use the term instantly plummeted down in ratings. Another aspect is that the experience of the users will diminish that despite the high rankings, and it will no longer matter.
  • White hat SEO means the usage of optimization schemes and capabilities that enhances your ranking in the user-friendly SERP results.
    • Meantime, it does continue to be truthful by following the guidelines of search engines. It is the only process that is constant and shows to be rewarding not only to your website but your brand and your business, too.
  • SEO Hacks is exactly as it sound, negative! Honestly, there is really no SEO “black hat” or “white hat.”
    • In general, it is an unofficial encroachment that infringes another person’s personal information in the intention of exploiting it. It likewise means altering a definite system if not, messing around the security features.

Black Farmed Eyeglasses in Front of Laptop Computer

Meanwhile, here are the SEO phrases you should use:

  • Content marketing

    • It is the “in thing” when it pertains to marketing. What is potent is the
      combination of Content Marketing and SEO to assure success to those companies who uses this strategy.
  • SEO copywriting

    • It is a type of writing that makes use of key words. We are talking about the
      words that users type in the search box to attain high ranking which the search results can show.
  • Artificial intelligence

    • It is the building of intelligent machines. We are talking about voice search, content robots, and voice assistants that alters our search experience. It consists of speech recognition, learning, problem solving and planning.
  • Virtual reality

    • It could possibly be the subsequent technology that could perfectly mix together. Virtual reality plus content could meet the virtual goals that perhaps is inconceivable but obtainable.
  • Trust building.

    • It is a phrase that should not be forgotten. This signifies that you concentrate
      on the user and the audience. Begin to build the user’s trust by simply helping them.