A NEW Beginning for Google Search (Part 1)

Google has many changes that are continually advancing which are unnoticed by users. They were quietly doing the changes. Time will come that there will be lesser searches that will transpire. And there will be more essential changes in the future.

Google home screen on a tablet

Here are the changes that can influence SEO:


 It is a content suggestion engine that advice content right through the web which was established on a user’s search conduct and history. We are referring to the new and developed Google Feed. This will show contents that could interest you without searching. It could be your preferred sports group or news site. The individualized feed of Google Discover comes from the scanning in the past.

For the record, Google Discover started in 2016. It progressed impressively in the past year and more than 800 million users look at its feed every month. Google is an ever progressing community, it has done significant modification since October 2018.  Having said that, let us now go over the vital features it now has:

  1. Additional images and contents.
  2. Usage of topic headers to classify feed results.
  3. Utilize toggle to inform Google to give you more content which is like the suggestion.
  4. Evergreen content different to new content.
  5. Google affirms the suggestions are individualized.

 The truth is, Google Discover is really not the first of this type. Look at the social media feeds, they are giving suggestions to their users. Go to YouTube and you will see the different video recommendations that you can choose from. And it works because 70% of the users watches the suggested videos.

We cannot be sure if Google Discover will have the same effect as YouTube’s content suggestion.  If it reaches at least 10% of YouTube’s 70%, then, it will be lucky. For now, we have SEO and it focus on gaining traffic. In the future, how do you think Google Discover will alter the world of search?


 For a lot of users, it is a silent but chiefly inconspicuous innovation since 2017.  Its initiation to Android devices made people think it is just something that is better than Google Now. Having said that, it really is.

As Google Assistant progresses, it will impact how users communication with the web and lessen the dependence on the actual search. Now, Google Assistant can do the following:

  • Change the device settings.
  • Display Google’s account details.
  • Search the whole World Wide Web.
  • Can program events and alarms.

Nevertheless, the critical development is its capacity to participate in a two-way exchanges, enabling the users to have the important results from the system even if the user is not actually looking at the results of the search.  Google Assistant will be the one to give the finest possible result to its users.

The fantastic necessary change was an introduction of Google Express that has the ability to add products to the shopping cart of users and purchasing through the help of Google Assistant.

That is not all, Google Assistant can likewise support the utilization of Google Duplex that  will allow Google Assistant to call companies to do the organizing of the appointments. This will be done in the user’s behalf.

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