How SEO Tools Can Lend a Hand in Running a Business

Humans commit mistakes and that is a fact. Even if we want to do things on our own, you will make yourself still constantly tired. All those efforts will end up ineffective because you are NOT in shape to make big decisions for your business.

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If you detest this kind of things transpiring in your company, then, seek the assistance of the SEO tools. You probably do not know what kind of help they can do for you. It is sufficient to say that that SEO tools can very well do the job of the entire marketing team which is from analysis down to recording. Time to cover how SEO can assist you to operate your company.


    If you have your own company, or you take care of a small business, you cannot work on many clients. Admit it, your time is limited. But if you consider using the right tools, things will be simpler that you can equip your SEO operation. Now, you can classify the enormous assignments to teeny ones and that should make it easier for you. You can employ a strategist to do the other jobs for you but the last one needs a copywriter. Then, you will have ample time to get more clients in your business and do some upselling services to the clients you have. You can think of thrilling offers that you can include in your portfolio that you don’t have to work yourself to death.


    Checking the SERPS can be too boring. You don’t have to, you know. A single site audit can give you extremely helpful data like broken links.


    When you come to the office, it is certain that you will immediately do the daily routine at the office and you will no longer have the time to optimize. Remember, there are various tools that can tell you how efficient you are. A site audit tool will show you how you fare in fixing errors in your site. In addition, tools can tell you the time you spent before reaching the top.


    When you have been in the business for a long time, you lose the chance of having a fresh view point. Competitor research is the answer to your need to create a more recent strategy for your company. There are many competitor analysis tools that can give you your opponent’s information.


    One area of the service to your client is by coming up with an excellent report. This will showcase all the hard work you put in. This kind of report is tiresome and needs a lot of details. Do not worry, there are tools even in reporting. Use SEMrush, Google Data Studio, and etc; there are other choices out there that can also email your report.


    This is critical in terms of decision making. Alongside its purposeful performance, SEO tools can give you an exceptional visualization of your analysis and gain more insights that can’t be obtained from intrinsic business tools.

The Holiday Season and SEO

The holiday season is that time of the year when we are swarm by discounts, sales, and freebies. This is the time that people regularly spends time in search engines to find the best gifts for their loved ones and friends. They also look for some gift ideas, party ideas, the right menu for family gatherings, and a whole lot more.

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With all these time spent online, isn’t this the perfect time to make sure that folks knows that your website is very much alive and kicking? You should be optimizing your site and make sure that you use keywords that will draw attention. You need to have ranking, a lot of traffic, and most especially, promos!

Do you know how to accomplish this? Read on and see the tasks you need to do before the holiday sets in.


During the holiday seasons, businesses usually gain a whopping 50% increase in sales. That alone should encourage you to plan for the coming holiday. Start with audit to study and identify the likelihood of developing your content, or revise the content that you already have in hand.

Do you really think that you can manage to rank for Christmas gifts when you do not have a Christmas content? Maybe you have thought out a landing page that contains Christmas gift ideas, or do current content that has that Christmas gift intent. You should be able to offer something that has to do with the holiday season, and come up with related keywords. This will give you a better chance for conversion.

One way of doing this is to accomplish a calendar with different content concepts. Also, have an FAQ pages to respond to the different questions. Certainly, many people will be looking for gift ideas so it is wise to publish content earlier than the rest. The purpose is to be able to immediately grab the customer’s interest.

Before you jump into action, first analyze your performances in the previous holiday season.  Know the following:

  • The products that had the best feedback the previous year?
  • How people discovered the landing pages?
  • What kind of search inquiries brought the traffic to the landing pages?
  • By what means did this influence your conversion?
  1. To increase your sales and drive more traffic, try organic and paid ads. Surely, your website can control the outcome of the search engines result pages. This will allow your brand’s presence to your customers and the future ones as well.
  2. Practice social listening. You should know what are the current trends and which ones are moving in terms of sales. This will give your brand an edge.
  3. Login to Pinterest and start creating your holiday boards to make known the different products you have for the holiday. This will make your web pages distinct in time for the upcoming holidays.
  4. Use your previous content, and edit it to add your latest products. Use your past customers list, and tell them about your new products in advance. Reconnect and show them what you’ve got to offer. This way, they have time to get ready.

5 Useful SEO Plugins & Extensions You Can Download for FREE

Most people make use of the browsers to get into the different websites, but most professional SEO does more than that. They spend their time using plugins and extensions to multitask. So, let’s talk about the various types of SEO plugins, and how to use them to manage your website. There’s nothing to worry about because it’s free to use. Interested? Let’s go!

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Ghost Browser

  • This is a plugin for Google Chrome, and uses “sessions” within every tab or window. The tabs makes use of colors to avoid confusion.  The reason for this is because you can use multiple tabs every session. You could likewise use a session to log in to your numerous social accounts. For instance, log in to 3 different Facebook pages at the the same time.
  • The pro version of Ghost Browser charges every month, but the basic is for free. It allows 3 free sessions.

Chrome Developer Tools

  • There is just too many functions, features, and uses of this tool. So for the sake of discussion, we will just run down what is more important. This tool helps you see the real-time view of your website as you test the different features of it. No need to switch to a different browser just to check how it looks.
  • This tool is incorporated into Google Chrome’s service. You can enter using Chrome Menu> More tools> Developer tools. The basic use of this tool is to find code, to distinguish the various webs elements, and to repair them if needed. Learn more and check out the Chrome DevTools page.

SEO Quake

  • This one is a classic among the plugins and extension. With just one click SEO Quake can give you the list of some insider information.
  • A little bit of clicks, you gain entry to keyword backlinks stats, density details, and other information such as metas, heading tags, and more.
  • This is not an alternative for the prevailing site audit tools. SEO Quake is awesome in getting a quick snapshot of a page’s info. It is compatible with SEMrush that you could mix it with this free extension.

User-Agent Switcher

  • This is great for people who just started developing their new sites especially if they are building it by using expected technologies. Its name is what it really is. Easy to set up plugin that manoeuvres the user agent details that allows you to look at a site as a typical bot or browser.
  • User-Agent Switchercan be useful in discovering how a certain site will load with different browsers or operating systems.

Ghost Proxy Control

  • It is an extension and pre-loaded with Ghost Browser. One of the bonuses of the combo is that you can surely load different proxies in the various session utilizing a tab for each location. This is so good in checking the SERP results coming from various areas and observing them all at one time. The best part is that you can see them side by side. This is such an awesome extension most especially for local SEO.
  • The Ghost Proxy Protocol extension is free, but its substitute in general are paid. Well, utilize the free proxies; having 3 free sessions ain’t bad. If you wish to spend for those that you need, 10 dedicated proxies could cost $20 a month.

7 Needless Squandering of Money on SEO

Compared to the other digital marketing channels, SEO needs a lot of time and money. These two aspects influence the accomplishment and could possibly break even in the beginning. Success in SEO may take time so expecting instant results won’t help you.


That is why a lot of companies have become cautious. The effort, time, and money you gave the project gained no tangible results. Even the most steadfast plans can go off track.

It is not too late. You can still learn how to save yourself from squandering your money on unnecessary things. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Set goals from day one.

    Doing this will not only save you money; it will give you time to find the right metrics. When you do not coordinate, the metrics you are using will be totally different from the SEO team. You should work as one team here, and everything you will use should coincide. The course of action should be clear from the very start.

  2. Use the right metrics.

    There are various tools available online, and not all of them can be an answer to your problems. These tools are made to fulfill specific goals, and it may not be the same as yours. So, choose what fits your agenda. Just because one metric tool is popular it does not automatically mean that it is for you.

  3. No apparent designation.

    It is vital to clarify who takes care of what part. Not doing this means there will be no coordination and some tasks will be way ahead of the rest. This could mean other people will spend time waiting. Should this happen, you will lose some of your resources.

  4. No guidelines.

    Executing something that is very difficult and without certain guidelines would surely be a disaster. You could end up stuck in a ditch instead of being proactive. If your people and your team cannot answer all your questions, then, they do not understand your business. So, go back, and establish the guidelines.

  5. A website with no potential.

    First, both the website owner and the SEO should know what to expect from the very start. The website should be carefully studied so that the owner will know if the website can be improved or if creating a new one is a better idea. This is needed in order to allocate the right budget basing from the assessment of the present website.

  6. Using outdated methods.

    Never compel yourself from doing SEO because without the right knowledege, you might make use of the outdated methods. Thus, making your SEO efforts useless because it will never work with the current trend. If you aren’t sure, pause and research about it rather than investing money right away.

  7. Pay only for the tools you need.

    These are the things you should think about:

    • What are the different tools you are paying now?
    • Are you even using them?
    • Are they of help to you?

There are tools that you don’t use often, and there are those that don’t get used at all. Identifying these tools can really save you a lot of money. Make use of what you already have. In which case, there is no additional expenditure.

7 Steps to Establish Social Media Traction

The customary online procedure does not work anymore. You just can’t count on your website, ads, or PR writing because what is the best approach nowadays is to merge all of these things. Use social media where a lot of people stay most of the time and do your marketing to make your presence felt. It is the place to be.

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As earlier mentioned, you need social media to build your ranking for people to go to your site. Don’t just fire away focus on uplifting, frequently, and repeatedly on social media, these won’t bring you an audience. Build a social media traction and all you have worked for will have its first fruits. Two words, contact and people.


There was a time during the success of Google was tremendous and people would really spent so much time in the internet. It was the “in” thing to do back then. People kept on getting information by using Google. The results, of course, were massive content. Websites and blogs flourished, attracting millions of audience without even trying. It was that easy.


People could search for a lot of things in social media like YouTube, Twitter,or Facebook since they stay in it for a long period of time. Often, they would read something that suddenly popped-up in their mobile screens, and later on, they got hooked into it. That is the way things work on social media.


Research tells us that what is shared are the ones that are funny and sweet especially those that can an emotion from people. Do you think your business will gain from this? What will be the outcome if people do not mind your brand or unfollow you?


This means advertising using the internet. The hard part is that, people notice your content if it is heartwarming or funny. The sad part is that, they will remember other details except for the brand.


You want to apply SEO strategies, right? Then, go social; there is no other way but that! The next thing to do is to utilize social traction. Everything else will go to waste, your awesome site, great content, time, effort, and money, all down the drain if you do not use social channels.

So, what now? You know you need to create a social media traction. Your question now is how? Here’s a list of 7 things to do:

  1. Create an interrelated number of posts and field it out in different social media platforms.
  2. Increase the social media time. Do not forget to take a look at it consistently.
  3. Create an interesting headline with and interesting content. For sure, your readers will share it to friends and relatives.
  4. Improve a community that is loyal to anything you write and produce.
  5. Advertising offline is good, but use social media to get in touch with a larger audience.
  6. Google is watching you. Do only what is right. Don’t try to put something offensive or else people will hate you!
  7. Build a method that optimizes the right time, and focus on the right audience. Let the 2 elements work together to create a traction that is perfect for your brand.

Best Ways to Show the True Value of SEO

Algorithms have progressed so quickly that it is becoming more difficult to reach the top results. So, how then can you establish the real value of SEO to your future clients and your current clients, even to those who are thinking of investing in SEO?

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The Real Worth of SEO

The first thing to do is to know the goal of your possible client so you can make strategies to land in SEO’s page one. To accomplish this, you need to do content marketing, local search, and check out the various optimization schemes. You also have to show the accomplishments that brought about improvements to make request for additional funding easier.


This is a great way to demonstrate the progress in online visibility, web traffic, and of course earnings. Try using Excel spreadsheet to present what you forecast and let the numbers do the talking for you. Make sure to put together all the details in just one file.


Ideally, this facts can be utilized in paid search reporting data to increase the organic outcome. This enables an estimation of sure keywords. Most likely, this detail sources are:


Another way to find out the significance of SEO is to distinguish the cost of paid search for your traffic.

  • Use the paid search part when checking keywords.
  • Combine the number of times the keywords has been search every year.
  • Get the average of how much each click or CPC to know if it was 15% or even more.


  • It is a good idea to suggest to your client to make a run through. Of course, budget is needed but it will pay off soon. This will present to your client the results that can be achieved with such a small amount of money. Remember, SEO isn’t like instant coffee. The results will be visible after a long while.


  • To get the data, use Google Search Console and there are others who can do the job as well. Another barometer is to present how many keywords your using now compared to a few months before.


  • To make yourself believable, present the progress in your conversion rates to your clients and even your future clients. They will realize on it goes, and they can assess if it works for their business.


  • When you utilize analytics, you have to show the progress of the organic traffic and the increase of your soft or hard conversions. This is another opportunity to let your clients know that you are sinking your teeth in building their business making use of organic piece.


  • Clients have one thing in mind, and that is to be ahead of the pack. So, they wouldn’t like it if their major competitor is getting awesome results by formulating an excellent SEO strategy. To counter this situation, show value to your competitors and how much progress you have been doing which can be known by using a tool like SEMrush. Your client will surely be pleased.

Online Tools That Can Help in Writing Better Blog Posts (Part 2)

It takes both your ability and diligence to make a successful start. But these are not all. You need to equip yourself well enough to compete out there. Part of this is to know the right tools you need to create remarkable contents.

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Let us check out the tools that have been proven effective. This blog post will cover the areas you need like keyword research, team collaboration, SEO and analytics.


  • Quora is a Q & A website. It recognizes what people are inquiring. It has a search feature and a number of pop ups that will give you propositions. Quora is useful in advertising your brand and services because it will definitely reach many people.
  • Reddit, just like Quora, it has a lot of content ideas coming from the volume of users every day. It is a platform where people can discuss and possess a definite subtopics or subcategory. Reddit can, likewise, do assessment and recognition that will guide you towards improvement.


  • Google Docs is being used by many because it is a free tool compared to the ones I suggested in the previous post. It is basically like an online version of a word processor.
  • You can edit documents that you can freely share with other team members with the help of the “Share” option. You can specifically assign different font types, add photos, insert tables, and make lists, and everything you can expect with a file editor.
  • Google Docs lets you assign the access privileges to the ones who got the link of a specific document. Some documents will only be viewable to certain people while some you can allow to be publicly displayed.
  • OnlyOffice is another app similar to Google Docs. It is totally free and you can use it using your preferred web browser. Collaborating is easy on OnlyOffice because it is compatible to the Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Plus, you can invite other people to create new things with you. You can provide access and share the file links so you can edit and review as a team.
  • OnlyOffice also has an app for the mobile users that are always on the go. Reviewing and approving drafts can be doable while you are on the road.


 Writing is not all about words. You just have to learn the correct way of making use of keyword optimization, subheadings, and more. You just have to know the right tools to help you do a fine content optimization:

  • Yoast SEO. A tool to grade comprehensibility and measure the SEO-friendliness of what you just wrote. It shows you the specific areas you need to be mindful of. If you are using Word Press, then it is easy to add Yoast. Use it to add a keyword to your blog post, and Yoast will provide you things to do to strengthen your content.


  • Google Analytics. Many people choose Google Analytics because it is available for free!!! It can help you give the best content possible. What is cool about it is that it can tell you the standard length of time of a user, page views of a specific post, and a lot more. Google Analytics can also tell you the preferred content of your audience.

Online Tools That Can Help in Writing Better Blog Posts

Apart from the painstaking time in researching for your content, excessive hours are likewise given to upgrade and edit just to create the most excellent version of your content.

group of people using laptop computer

So, I’ve come up with a post that helps you both in research and editing. This post has two main divisions: research and team collaboration. Let’s begin!


  • No matter how prolific you are in writing, all writers experience that certain condition of not knowing what to write. This is such a let down on your part especially because you have a deadline. When our human minds fail, online tools are there to help.
    • Here are the tools that you can try:

    • Ubersuggest does keyword research. It helps you with ideas on how to grab the attention of your audience. There are times that the keyword results can be utilize as content ideas.
    • Google Alerts can supply you the first dibs on the latest news, and that is an advantage. It keeps you on top of the game by giving you notifications every time there is something substantial that comes up.
    • The minute you open your Google account, type your chosen keyword and click the Create Alert button. You have the liberty to choose how often you want to be notified.

Team Collaboration

  • The biggest and most dependable websites are made up of a lot of people. This is simply because the content marketers can come up with the best results as a group. Each person a specific job. Perhaps one or more are assigned to be writers, content researchers, editors who is in charge of coming up with excellent content and last but not the least, marketers who does the distribution.
  • To finish the set-up, a platform is needed to do the rearranging of connection, project tracking, not forgetting file sharing which is vital to a project.
    • Know your great choices:

    • ProofHub –  It’s a tool that develops collaboration and its main qualities are customized to content development. The whole team can have conversations, share files, develop reminders, place deadlines and many more helpful functions.
    • Trello – It can assist in systematizing projects by means of “Boards,” fix the many things to do into “Lists,” and manage them using “Cards.”
    • It is simple, just pick the “Add a card,” place a name, and put all the specifics of the job. You can also make additional deadlines, comment, incorporate attachments, and assign members.
    • Dropbox Paper – If you need extra help with your file collaboration and you are wondering what’s compatible with your existing communication app, this is the perfect companion.
    • It is a straightforward app that permits the user to images, additional files, write, make their to do lists, and almost anything you can hope file-editing software.

The bottom line is, no matter how good you think you are, you still need a lot of help. These tools are just about the best assistant who can do the job for you.  Remember, this is a competitive SEO world that you are trying to thrive in. All you need to do is pick the productive tools that you are comfortable using. You can’t do it alone so let the tools help you climb up that top spot.

Practical Tips in Suggesting SEO to New Customers

When you have a new client, it is an opportunity for you to sufficiently develop them, understand their business, and inspire them to value your team. There are benefits when you use the different approaches to SEO.

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A great client service helps in countless circumstances. You should be able to do certain things just to make sure that your new client will be happy and stay that way in the whole duration of your service to them. You have to alter and make your marketing output faultless to suit your company’s manner and distinctions. Do the following the minute they step in your office:

Be enthusiastic like them.

  • This experience is special for your client and that is because of many reasons like:
    • It is probably their first SEO experience.
    • They look at it as something distinctive and thrilling.
    • Normally, new clients are excited about the different opportunities that may come.
  • A recognized SEO team could see the new business as something that needs overhauling if not reconditioning. The current client can bring learning in the industry, meet new people, and develop a critical skill sets that will result to the mastery of the SEO through experience.
  • No matter how much work, time, day or even private circumstances, everyone should feel and exude their enthusiasm towards the campaign. Less than that may affect the boarding new client and the business.

Involve the client.

  • It is not enough that you bring in the new client in your output. You have to involve them in the whole caboodle and you will find out that the more you are exposed to your client, the simpler it is to deal with them.
  • Yes, there are hurdles in doing certain things, but try not to think about them. Things like that fortify the reason why your client chose you. Besides, you will never know how inventive and how enjoyable it could be if you do not try.

Develop on your procedure.

  • The minute you have an SEO client, the best way to begin is to clarify everything first.
    • Details on pre-selling details should be discussed thoroughly.
    • Delegating people in a particular task.
    • Communicating is the key to understanding.
  • Naturally, everyone is so excited to work right away. But hold your horses, look at the bigger picture first. You have to study and systematize everything before you make your move.
  • When you post a technical SEO sugesstion and solution, it is time for you to take a few steps backward and truly look at your client’s wants, essentials, pain points, and plans.

Confronting the needs of your clients.

  • When you take charge of your client’s needs, there are things you have to do like:
    • Respond to emails.
    • Make certain that there is constant communication.
    • Upfront guidance on the distinctive and type of communication that is necessary.
  • The distinction of a customer-centric business:
    • The use of particulars to form, intensify, not forgetting additional assistance to clients.
    • To constantly involve the clients.
    • To strengthen the client’s presence.
    • Positioning the client in the midst of delivery and marketing focus.
    • Recognizing and dealing with the experience of your client.
    • Listening to your client is important so don’t just do all the talking. Lend your ears as well!

6 Qualities of a Brilliant Blog Post

You probably wondered why your published blog post had no shares, no links, and no views and went to the grave. You think there is nothing you can do about it. Wrong! You can still revive and add more elements to it.

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Writing a blog is not just made up of word counts or topics that SEO prefers to focus on. You see, there are other factors at play here. So, read the 6  qualities you need to come up with a brilliant blog post.

1. Answer any inquiries made by your audience.

  • When you have a chance to answer the concern of your audience, use your blog to help them. There are a lot of people out there searching for an answer. Caring for people goes a long way, you know.
  • When you write articles with your brand linked to a content, you will be trustful and people could sense that. Surely, they know that whatever you are offering must be good.

2. Discuss the right length.

  • Not too long but substantial, but if there are some more things that are important, then write on! It should be long but interesting and going to its point of concern. Do not make a mistake in stretching a 500 words article, it will be a disaster. Concise and focused, those are the secret ingredients of an awesome article.

3. The right tone is vital.

  • When we talk our tone changes depending on the person we are talking to. When a person is older than us, we are formal. If we are talking to a kid, our tone becomes more gentle and friendly.
  • Your tone when talking to the audience should be able to reach their level. Adjust if you must. Your tone and pitch also depends on your readers.

4. Write what you know. Get real!

  • Your brand has to have the dominion that will make you skilled and a master in your field. Learn your foundation and be proficient in the topic you would want to tackle and take-up all sides.
  • Write a stimulating title that people will immediately sink their teeth into it and read the content of your blog article. It should be as meaty as the title and make sure it does give something that the reader wants.

5. Dare to be distinct.

  • The herd content is a content that is reproduced in various sites but in identical niche and the content is the same thing.
  • Do not write like the average writer. Show your brilliance and do another approach if needed. The difference lies in how you will present your content.

6. Understand your audience and what they prefer to read.

  • Know your audience is the first rule. From there you will also know what stimulates them and perhaps learn what their problems are. This will open the door for you to address what your audience need to read in your blog.
  • People by nature are self-centered. They care about what they feel, what they want, what makes them happy. Your role here is to make them feel better about themselves. That is your priority.