5 Useful SEO Plugins & Extensions You Can Download for FREE

Most people make use of the browsers to get into the different websites, but most professional SEO does more than that. They spend their time using plugins and extensions to multitask. So, let’s talk about the various types of SEO plugins, and how to use them to manage your website. There’s nothing to worry about because it’s free to use. Interested? Let’s go!

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Ghost Browser

  • This is a plugin for Google Chrome, and uses “sessions” within every tab or window. The tabs makes use of colors to avoid confusion.  The reason for this is because you can use multiple tabs every session. You could likewise use a session to log in to your numerous social accounts. For instance, log in to 3 different Facebook pages at the the same time.
  • The pro version of Ghost Browser charges every month, but the basic is for free. It allows 3 free sessions.

Chrome Developer Tools

  • There is just too many functions, features, and uses of this tool. So for the sake of discussion, we will just run down what is more important. This tool helps you see the real-time view of your website as you test the different features of it. No need to switch to a different browser just to check how it looks.
  • This tool is incorporated into Google Chrome’s service. You can enter using Chrome Menu> More tools> Developer tools. The basic use of this tool is to find code, to distinguish the various webs elements, and to repair them if needed. Learn more and check out the Chrome DevTools page.

SEO Quake

  • This one is a classic among the plugins and extension. With just one click SEO Quake can give you the list of some insider information.
  • A little bit of clicks, you gain entry to keyword backlinks stats, density details, and other information such as metas, heading tags, and more.
  • This is not an alternative for the prevailing site audit tools. SEO Quake is awesome in getting a quick snapshot of a page’s info. It is compatible with SEMrush that you could mix it with this free extension.

User-Agent Switcher

  • This is great for people who just started developing their new sites especially if they are building it by using expected technologies. Its name is what it really is. Easy to set up plugin that manoeuvres the user agent details that allows you to look at a site as a typical bot or browser.
  • User-Agent Switchercan be useful in discovering how a certain site will load with different browsers or operating systems.

Ghost Proxy Control

  • It is an extension and pre-loaded with Ghost Browser. One of the bonuses of the combo is that you can surely load different proxies in the various session utilizing a tab for each location. This is so good in checking the SERP results coming from various areas and observing them all at one time. The best part is that you can see them side by side. This is such an awesome extension most especially for local SEO.
  • The Ghost Proxy Protocol extension is free, but its substitute in general are paid. Well, utilize the free proxies; having 3 free sessions ain’t bad. If you wish to spend for those that you need, 10 dedicated proxies could cost $20 a month.