The Holiday Season and SEO

The holiday season is that time of the year when we are swarm by discounts, sales, and freebies. This is the time that people regularly spends time in search engines to find the best gifts for their loved ones and friends. They also look for some gift ideas, party ideas, the right menu for family gatherings, and a whole lot more.

season of gifts

With all these time spent online, isn’t this the perfect time to make sure that folks knows that your website is very much alive and kicking? You should be optimizing your site and make sure that you use keywords that will draw attention. You need to have ranking, a lot of traffic, and most especially, promos!

Do you know how to accomplish this? Read on and see the tasks you need to do before the holiday sets in.


During the holiday seasons, businesses usually gain a whopping 50% increase in sales. That alone should encourage you to plan for the coming holiday. Start with audit to study and identify the likelihood of developing your content, or revise the content that you already have in hand.

Do you really think that you can manage to rank for Christmas gifts when you do not have a Christmas content? Maybe you have thought out a landing page that contains Christmas gift ideas, or do current content that has that Christmas gift intent. You should be able to offer something that has to do with the holiday season, and come up with related keywords. This will give you a better chance for conversion.

One way of doing this is to accomplish a calendar with different content concepts. Also, have an FAQ pages to respond to the different questions. Certainly, many people will be looking for gift ideas so it is wise to publish content earlier than the rest. The purpose is to be able to immediately grab the customer’s interest.

Before you jump into action, first analyze your performances in the previous holiday season.  Know the following:

  • The products that had the best feedback the previous year?
  • How people discovered the landing pages?
  • What kind of search inquiries brought the traffic to the landing pages?
  • By what means did this influence your conversion?
  1. To increase your sales and drive more traffic, try organic and paid ads. Surely, your website can control the outcome of the search engines result pages. This will allow your brand’s presence to your customers and the future ones as well.
  2. Practice social listening. You should know what are the current trends and which ones are moving in terms of sales. This will give your brand an edge.
  3. Login to Pinterest and start creating your holiday boards to make known the different products you have for the holiday. This will make your web pages distinct in time for the upcoming holidays.
  4. Use your previous content, and edit it to add your latest products. Use your past customers list, and tell them about your new products in advance. Reconnect and show them what you’ve got to offer. This way, they have time to get ready.