Stay Away from These 10 Bad Link Habits

Undoubtedly, links are one of the pillars of SEO. They are still an essential element for good ranking. You have to make sure you do not get bad links unless you would want Google to downgrade your site or take it down. Be familiar with bad links and what you can do to avoid them:

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Press Release Links

  • A long time ago, press release links are dependable not just because they are effortless to write. The same thing can be said about syndicating it and fielding them out in different sites. They guarantee hundreds of links that everyone was doing it. However, today it is called the link scheme that longer works.
  • What is safe is using the naked or branded URLS as your support text. Use one link that is from the contact domain of the press release.

Forum Links

  • Although, forum links are said to be bad, that is not entirely true if it comes from a respected user. Then, it is safe to use.
  • Don’t forget that Google is always on the lookout for shady and suspicious links so cut ties with these low-quality links.

Foreign Guestbook Links

  • Disavow anything that will cause you low rankings. An example is the foreign guestbook links simply because it can be manually placed assisted by a program.

NoFollow Links

  • Never play a trick on Google because trying to use an automated program will be surely discovered. Why is this? Well, nofollowing by itself is a mark especially when the links from various sites are nofollowed. Google could qualify it as spam.

NoFollow Social Bookmark Links

  • Google will assess this as devious and if you keep on doing this, you will be in big trouble. This, too, is manually made and is acknowledged as spammy. It is one of the so-called link scheme just like the press release links.

Directory Listings

  • If you think that directory listings will give you great Google ranking, it is a mistake. But if, you utilize natural links coming from the local SEO, that could give you a boost.

Blog Comments

  • In the past, blog comments were considered important. Again, this one was also overused and no longer works today.
  • The best way to manage blog comments is by present day relevant comments on present day relevant sites. Relevant is the keyword here.

 Links from Cheap Link Services

  • This is such a thoughtless SEO scheme. What is awful here is that its mark and order are detectable by Google’s algorithms. You must be cautious. You don’t know who are dealing with when signup for these services. Most of the time, their claims are far from the truth. You could be treading in dangerous ground.

 Links Built by Programs

  • Building links by the use of tools is no longer workable these days. If you think you can pull a fast one, well, Google is way ahead of you by utilizing various patterns created in its algorithm.

Now that you know the bad links, stay away from it and use only the good practices that will foster a positive reputation for your brand and your online rankings.