The Positive Effects of a Negative Review

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You spent a lot of time planning, creating, researching, and you think that this time around you are going to be on top of the game. After everything you did, you suddenly got bad reviews!

Oh, no! It seems to be the end of the world for you because you felt that all those hard labor, money, and most of all the tremendous effort just went down the drain. You were lost. But listen, those negative things you’ve read actually helps your search engine rankings.

Negative reviews are actually an addition not a deduction.

  • You must have forgotten that Goggle does not only show the star for each review, it gives you the overall reviews. This increases the social confirmations which are good for your business. Whether it’s a good or bad review, it only shows that you are for real and the search engines know that.
  • Generally, customers do not read each comment. They browse through them and gauge if you have a large following and that will convince them to convert and buy.
  • A SEO criterion tells us that business is on top does receive bad reviews too. Furthermore, bad reviews can pave the way to improvement. Know that bad things can still turn to something good.

Bad Reviews can amplify how real you are.  

  • You cannot satisfy everyone, and that is a fact. If you have all the good reviews, then that can make customers wonder if you are for real.
  • Research shows that bad reviews are better than the phantasmagoric reviews. If your reviews are varied this means you are more believable than the good reviews. Customers tend to distrust the business when everything said about it are too favorable.
  • What is credible is a mixture of reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This signifies that people are spending time in your site. Surely, this will affect your search engine rankings in good way because customers stayed at your page for longer periods.

Bad reviews are an opportunity to build a good relationship with your customers.

  • Bad reviews are there for you to rectify your mistakes in the case of customer service. They will sense that you care about their concern. If they see some improvements, they will believe you and would like to do business with you.
  • In the end, bad reviews are actually an opportunity to find a solution and mend the problem. That shows your customer and would-be customers that you are dealing with the bad reviews correctly.

Bad reviews give an accurate perspective of your business.

  • People grumble about the things they were expecting to get but didn’t. Pay attention to this letdown and make it an advantage. Let your customers know what you could tender and what you cannot. This indicates that you don’t want your customers to have false expectations. And that speaks well of your business.

 Bad Reviews will lead you to come up with great strategies.

  • Remember each of the bad reviews because it could help change the objectives of your SEO plan. Instead of sulking because of the bad things you read, ask yourself some questions like:
    • Did you deliver what the customer wants?
    • Did you promise something you did not do?
    • What are the questions asked by customers regarding your product or business?