How to Optimize Content Better

You probably know how to rank in search engines, and you have been adept in writing for algorithms and your audience. So now, what else can you do to make your audience know all about your brand? Read below to know more useful information that could help you land on the first page of Google’s search results.

adding contents on your website

  • Fantastic headline!

    • You’ve got to think of something catchy and creative as if saying, “hey, I’ve got something you want to know!” and move the reader to quickly click. But don’t stop in just that interesting headline, you’ve got to have that informative, fast-paced, and well thought of content that people would always want for more. Then, keep on doing what you are doing.
    • If you need help with your title, it is good idea to check an online tool like Portent’s title maker.
  • Know the latest.

    • If you want to grab the interest of your audience, do not write something that has been written before. Write what is more recent, and if you can, study the climate so you can write something new in advance. Be trendy, but try to be the first to write. That will make you interesting and relevant.
    • In researching on the trends, there are available tools both free and paid that you can use. The most popular one would be Google’s Keyword Planner.
  • Include quotes.

    • Revitalize your approach by utilize influencers whose views and opinions are taken to be authoritative and chose those with huge followings.
    • Do not mistake being popular to being able to influence people. Get someone who can influence people which means they have a great mind supported with a lot of experiences. This makes them credible that people will simply believe them. That is something you can bank on.
    • Utilize their quotes and put it in your content. You can also use any materials they have published. But do not fail to inform your influencer that you used something of his or her to your content.
  • Remember the role of SEO.

    • Being busy is not an excuse to forget the things you can accomplish to find the means to an awesome content traction. Think of the vital anchorage of SEO and that is meta tags. This is a brief extract of text that expresses what is on a page. I’m sure you could come up with awesome titles on your pages and meta descriptions.
  • Make sharing of your content simple.

    • Here are a few things to remember:
      • Make use of a static social share toolbar in each page ready to be used.
      • Place share buttons in every content or blog.
      • Get shared by asking your reader to like or share your content. You can start asking questions wherein a discussion can be inevitable. That will also give you shares.
      • Remember to place a CTA buttons so your content can be readily be shared. You can also try tweaking and if all others fail, for sure if you don’t give up you will find the right approach.