9 Pointers When Writing New Content

Writing are words woven in sentences grouped together in a paragraph. It should also be captivating, inspiring, and informative. There should be substance for people to engage in reading it. Remember to make your content simple for easy comprehension. But the thing is, are people reading it?

Smart businessman thinking while writing on notebook at sidewalk cafe

The first step in writing is knowing your intent in writing the content. You need to create something that can gain your audience confidence. Read on and prepare to bedazzle your audience.

  • Talk like your audience is in front of you.

    • Catch their attention right away by asking questions. Choose words that is easy to recall and words that are common to them. Be careful and use only decent words. This will contribute to their trust. What your audience thinks about your content matters.
  • Every sentence,  and every paragraph should drift effortlessly.

    • First thing to write is the subject. Once that is established, everything else will drift effortlessly like a stream.
  • If you need to copy, copy the remarkable ones.

    • Copy from the brilliant minds and know their works by observing their language and the course of their phrases. From there, develop your own style.
  • Study how to come up with captivating headlines.

    • The headline is the first thing the readers see on a page. You’ve got to grab their interest very quickly before they think of leaving. Your headline should be able to convince them that the content is equally captivating.
  • Make a guide to prepare you to write.

    • This will organize the flow of your writing. Whatever bright idea you want to toss in, it can easily be added. This way, you can easily go back to your guide, and continue the wonderful flow you have already started.
  • Use distinct quotes and images in writing.

    • Attaching visuals always makes a writing more interesting. So, do not hesitate to utilize quotes, images, or memes. Your audience should be able to connect with your writing that they click and share. An example of a fine quote is, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
  • The shorter, the better sentences you have.

    • Never get carried away that you keep on writing run-on sentences or dragging paragraphs. Your audience will click away from your content, and that is for sure. Readability is something you should always consider when writing.
  • Think of using voice to text tools.

    • In the past, it used to be dictations that requires additional cost and that is quite a lot. Today, you can find it in your smartphone if not your PC. It can do the translation and transcribe for you, and everything is in it including cute emojis.
  • Just write away until the last punctuation, and editing can come later.

    • The most enjoyable ride is simply writing whatever comes to your mind, so continue until you are done. Editing in between will definitely destroy your momentum affecting the potency of your creativity.

Three words: practice, practice, practice. Putting together your thoughts into paragraphs is such a fulfilling moment. It is like building a house where you start from the ground to the roof. When you are done, a beautiful home greets you.