6 Qualities of a Brilliant Blog Post

You probably wondered why your published blog post had no shares, no links, and no views and went to the grave. You think there is nothing you can do about it. Wrong! You can still revive and add more elements to it.

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Writing a blog is not just made up of word counts or topics that SEO prefers to focus on. You see, there are other factors at play here. So, read the 6  qualities you need to come up with a brilliant blog post.

1. Answer any inquiries made by your audience.

  • When you have a chance to answer the concern of your audience, use your blog to help them. There are a lot of people out there searching for an answer. Caring for people goes a long way, you know.
  • When you write articles with your brand linked to a content, you will be trustful and people could sense that. Surely, they know that whatever you are offering must be good.

2. Discuss the right length.

  • Not too long but substantial, but if there are some more things that are important, then write on! It should be long but interesting and going to its point of concern. Do not make a mistake in stretching a 500 words article, it will be a disaster. Concise and focused, those are the secret ingredients of an awesome article.

3. The right tone is vital.

  • When we talk our tone changes depending on the person we are talking to. When a person is older than us, we are formal. If we are talking to a kid, our tone becomes more gentle and friendly.
  • Your tone when talking to the audience should be able to reach their level. Adjust if you must. Your tone and pitch also depends on your readers.

4. Write what you know. Get real!

  • Your brand has to have the dominion that will make you skilled and a master in your field. Learn your foundation and be proficient in the topic you would want to tackle and take-up all sides.
  • Write a stimulating title that people will immediately sink their teeth into it and read the content of your blog article. It should be as meaty as the title and make sure it does give something that the reader wants.

5. Dare to be distinct.

  • The herd content is a content that is reproduced in various sites but in identical niche and the content is the same thing.
  • Do not write like the average writer. Show your brilliance and do another approach if needed. The difference lies in how you will present your content.

6. Understand your audience and what they prefer to read.

  • Know your audience is the first rule. From there you will also know what stimulates them and perhaps learn what their problems are. This will open the door for you to address what your audience need to read in your blog.
  • People by nature are self-centered. They care about what they feel, what they want, what makes them happy. Your role here is to make them feel better about themselves. That is your priority.