7 Steps to Establish Social Media Traction

The customary online procedure does not work anymore. You just can’t count on your website, ads, or PR writing because what is the best approach nowadays is to merge all of these things. Use social media where a lot of people stay most of the time and do your marketing to make your presence felt. It is the place to be.

Group of People Holding Posters


As earlier mentioned, you need social media to build your ranking for people to go to your site. Don’t just fire away focus on uplifting, frequently, and repeatedly on social media, these won’t bring you an audience. Build a social media traction and all you have worked for will have its first fruits. Two words, contact and people.


There was a time during the success of Google was tremendous and people would really spent so much time in the internet. It was the “in” thing to do back then. People kept on getting information by using Google. The results, of course, were massive content. Websites and blogs flourished, attracting millions of audience without even trying. It was that easy.


People could search for a lot of things in social media like YouTube, Twitter,or Facebook since they stay in it for a long period of time. Often, they would read something that suddenly popped-up in their mobile screens, and later on, they got hooked into it. That is the way things work on social media.


Research tells us that what is shared are the ones that are funny and sweet especially those that can an emotion from people. Do you think your business will gain from this? What will be the outcome if people do not mind your brand or unfollow you?


This means advertising using the internet. The hard part is that, people notice your content if it is heartwarming or funny. The sad part is that, they will remember other details except for the brand.


You want to apply SEO strategies, right? Then, go social; there is no other way but that! The next thing to do is to utilize social traction. Everything else will go to waste, your awesome site, great content, time, effort, and money, all down the drain if you do not use social channels.

So, what now? You know you need to create a social media traction. Your question now is how? Here’s a list of 7 things to do:

  1. Create an interrelated number of posts and field it out in different social media platforms.
  2. Increase the social media time. Do not forget to take a look at it consistently.
  3. Create an interesting headline with and interesting content. For sure, your readers will share it to friends and relatives.
  4. Improve a community that is loyal to anything you write and produce.
  5. Advertising offline is good, but use social media to get in touch with a larger audience.
  6. Google is watching you. Do only what is right. Don’t try to put something offensive or else people will hate you!
  7. Build a method that optimizes the right time, and focus on the right audience. Let the 2 elements work together to create a traction that is perfect for your brand.