Best Ways to Show the True Value of SEO

Algorithms have progressed so quickly that it is becoming more difficult to reach the top results. So, how then can you establish the real value of SEO to your future clients and your current clients, even to those who are thinking of investing in SEO?

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The Real Worth of SEO

The first thing to do is to know the goal of your possible client so you can make strategies to land in SEO’s page one. To accomplish this, you need to do content marketing, local search, and check out the various optimization schemes. You also have to show the accomplishments that brought about improvements to make request for additional funding easier.


This is a great way to demonstrate the progress in online visibility, web traffic, and of course earnings. Try using Excel spreadsheet to present what you forecast and let the numbers do the talking for you. Make sure to put together all the details in just one file.


Ideally, this facts can be utilized in paid search reporting data to increase the organic outcome. This enables an estimation of sure keywords. Most likely, this detail sources are:


Another way to find out the significance of SEO is to distinguish the cost of paid search for your traffic.

  • Use the paid search part when checking keywords.
  • Combine the number of times the keywords has been search every year.
  • Get the average of how much each click or CPC to know if it was 15% or even more.


  • It is a good idea to suggest to your client to make a run through. Of course, budget is needed but it will pay off soon. This will present to your client the results that can be achieved with such a small amount of money. Remember, SEO isn’t like instant coffee. The results will be visible after a long while.


  • To get the data, use Google Search Console and there are others who can do the job as well. Another barometer is to present how many keywords your using now compared to a few months before.


  • To make yourself believable, present the progress in your conversion rates to your clients and even your future clients. They will realize on it goes, and they can assess if it works for their business.


  • When you utilize analytics, you have to show the progress of the organic traffic and the increase of your soft or hard conversions. This is another opportunity to let your clients know that you are sinking your teeth in building their business making use of organic piece.


  • Clients have one thing in mind, and that is to be ahead of the pack. So, they wouldn’t like it if their major competitor is getting awesome results by formulating an excellent SEO strategy. To counter this situation, show value to your competitors and how much progress you have been doing which can be known by using a tool like SEMrush. Your client will surely be pleased.