Online Tools That Can Help in Writing Better Blog Posts (Part 2)

It takes both your ability and diligence to make a successful start. But these are not all. You need to equip yourself well enough to compete out there. Part of this is to know the right tools you need to create remarkable contents.

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Let us check out the tools that have been proven effective. This blog post will cover the areas you need like keyword research, team collaboration, SEO and analytics.


  • Quora is a Q & A website. It recognizes what people are inquiring. It has a search feature and a number of pop ups that will give you propositions. Quora is useful in advertising your brand and services because it will definitely reach many people.
  • Reddit, just like Quora, it has a lot of content ideas coming from the volume of users every day. It is a platform where people can discuss and possess a definite subtopics or subcategory. Reddit can, likewise, do assessment and recognition that will guide you towards improvement.


  • Google Docs is being used by many because it is a free tool compared to the ones I suggested in the previous post. It is basically like an online version of a word processor.
  • You can edit documents that you can freely share with other team members with the help of the “Share” option. You can specifically assign different font types, add photos, insert tables, and make lists, and everything you can expect with a file editor.
  • Google Docs lets you assign the access privileges to the ones who got the link of a specific document. Some documents will only be viewable to certain people while some you can allow to be publicly displayed.
  • OnlyOffice is another app similar to Google Docs. It is totally free and you can use it using your preferred web browser. Collaborating is easy on OnlyOffice because it is compatible to the Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Plus, you can invite other people to create new things with you. You can provide access and share the file links so you can edit and review as a team.
  • OnlyOffice also has an app for the mobile users that are always on the go. Reviewing and approving drafts can be doable while you are on the road.


 Writing is not all about words. You just have to learn the correct way of making use of keyword optimization, subheadings, and more. You just have to know the right tools to help you do a fine content optimization:

  • Yoast SEO. A tool to grade comprehensibility and measure the SEO-friendliness of what you just wrote. It shows you the specific areas you need to be mindful of. If you are using Word Press, then it is easy to add Yoast. Use it to add a keyword to your blog post, and Yoast will provide you things to do to strengthen your content.


  • Google Analytics. Many people choose Google Analytics because it is available for free!!! It can help you give the best content possible. What is cool about it is that it can tell you the standard length of time of a user, page views of a specific post, and a lot more. Google Analytics can also tell you the preferred content of your audience.