Online Tools That Can Help in Writing Better Blog Posts

Apart from the painstaking time in researching for your content, excessive hours are likewise given to upgrade and edit just to create the most excellent version of your content.

group of people using laptop computer

So, I’ve come up with a post that helps you both in research and editing. This post has two main divisions: research and team collaboration. Let’s begin!


  • No matter how prolific you are in writing, all writers experience that certain condition of not knowing what to write. This is such a let down on your part especially because you have a deadline. When our human minds fail, online tools are there to help.
    • Here are the tools that you can try:

    • Ubersuggest does keyword research. It helps you with ideas on how to grab the attention of your audience. There are times that the keyword results can be utilize as content ideas.
    • Google Alerts can supply you the first dibs on the latest news, and that is an advantage. It keeps you on top of the game by giving you notifications every time there is something substantial that comes up.
    • The minute you open your Google account, type your chosen keyword and click the Create Alert button. You have the liberty to choose how often you want to be notified.

Team Collaboration

  • The biggest and most dependable websites are made up of a lot of people. This is simply because the content marketers can come up with the best results as a group. Each person a specific job. Perhaps one or more are assigned to be writers, content researchers, editors who is in charge of coming up with excellent content and last but not the least, marketers who does the distribution.
  • To finish the set-up, a platform is needed to do the rearranging of connection, project tracking, not forgetting file sharing which is vital to a project.
    • Know your great choices:

    • ProofHub –  It’s a tool that develops collaboration and its main qualities are customized to content development. The whole team can have conversations, share files, develop reminders, place deadlines and many more helpful functions.
    • Trello – It can assist in systematizing projects by means of “Boards,” fix the many things to do into “Lists,” and manage them using “Cards.”
    • It is simple, just pick the “Add a card,” place a name, and put all the specifics of the job. You can also make additional deadlines, comment, incorporate attachments, and assign members.
    • Dropbox Paper – If you need extra help with your file collaboration and you are wondering what’s compatible with your existing communication app, this is the perfect companion.
    • It is a straightforward app that permits the user to images, additional files, write, make their to do lists, and almost anything you can hope file-editing software.

The bottom line is, no matter how good you think you are, you still need a lot of help. These tools are just about the best assistant who can do the job for you.  Remember, this is a competitive SEO world that you are trying to thrive in. All you need to do is pick the productive tools that you are comfortable using. You can’t do it alone so let the tools help you climb up that top spot.