7 Pointers to Consider when Looking for an SEO Writer

An SEO writer should know how to increase the traffic of your website. In short, an SEO writer should be able to optimize content for search engines. Certainly, the objective of the search engines is to provide the first-rate and the best result to the users.

Now, if your content was created for the purpose of falsely increasing your rank, then, Google and the other search engines will surely would not want to show your site at the top of the search results.

Girl writing her thoughts

Now, you know the importance of having a dependable SEO writer or you might just waste your time and effort. It could also just harm your site. To help you, here are helpful pointers you need to know:

  1. Good grasp of grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  • Basic knowledge on the use punctuation marks, relative pronouns such as “which”, “who” , “what”, etc.
  • Should your SEO writer fall short of knowledge, then, you are just wasting good money for nothing. Mistakes will only lessen the credibility and power of your content.
  • If you post an inferior content, then, your audience will think that they cannot rely on your service or brand because that too is unreliable.
  1. Recognizes the importance of working well with the SEO expert.
  • Preferably, both the SEO writer and SEO expert can organize their actions towards your objectives.
  • If they are oblivious to the each other’s point, then, there will be no coordination.  If you don’t, be prepared to fail.
  1. Write for people and then for search engines.
  • Google does not care about content intended for SEO. They care for the content you provide your audience.
  • If the people like it, then, Google will rank it higher.
  • After, your next concern should be the keywords.
  1. Fully understands your audience.
  • If it is clear that you are writing for people, then, know who they are.
  • Take time to know what they like and don’t like. What type of topics will be applicable to their daily lives?
  • Give your audience what they want. Otherwise, they are not going to read it.
  1. Understands the list of SEO writing do’s and don’ts.
  • The SEO writer should be able to produce fantastic heading tags, titles, introductory sentences, etc.
  • A responsible writer never stuff keywords. If he/she could not do this, then, you just depleted your finances for nothing.
  1. Writes briefly but comprehensibly.
  • After you have gained their interest, you must give them a content that is briefly as you could manage. Long content could bore them, and it could lessen the chance of conversions.
  • Write comprehensibly that everyone could understand. Do not use high-sounding words and jargons that only a few people know.
  1. Knows how to deliver a good story.
  • A brilliant writer should make the journey and experience wonderful. You are not going after the sale. You should be after their loyalty to your brand or service.
  • Write interesting description of your brand. It will lead to purchase. A great content can convert your visitor to a customer if he/she can weave a story that could evoke emotions. All you need is knowing the right words.