4 Tips on Selecting the Right SEO Company

The rise or the fall of your Google rankings depends on your choice of an SEO expert. If you get a good SEO partner, then,  your sales will go up and inevitably. Moreover, the advertising costs will surely go down. Aside from that, your customer’s journey becomes more efficient and enjoyable as well.

2 gentlemen shaking hands and discussing a contract

But don’t make a final decision just yet. Before you sign any contract with your new SEO company, you might want to read this article first.

  1. Get an SEO company that speaks about SEO honestly.

  • Never go for a company that will suggest the shorter alternative routes by keyword stuffing, buying links, and other bad linking habits.
  • It will only prompt search engines to downgrade your website. These approaches are considered Black Hat SEO and go against the guidelines of search engines. So if you are caught practicing this, it will give you a lower ranking and therefore lessens your organic traffic. To be honest, that is such a high price to pay!
  1. Be precise on your goals and hire an SEO Company that can help you reach your goals.

  • Do not get an SEO company that does not have a clear understanding of how to increase the organic traffic. In reality, there are many types of organic traffic and it does not equate to revenues.
  • You and your team should sit down and discuss on what to achieve in SEO. Ask yourselves, do you want a rise in your sale utilizing particular keywords? Are you having a difficult time to lessen your bounce rate or do you want to up your conversion rate? Or do you want to develop a huge social media following to have sponsors on your content?
  • Surely, there are more questions you would want to ask. Whatever you pick, just make sure on the kind of outcome you want.
  1. Rely on yourself in looking for the list of the finest SEO companies.

  • Ask around and find out from other people. Remember that “word of mouth” is the most reliable source because it comes from a direct experience of someone you know. Besides, the finest of the finest are too busy with their clients’ needs that they don’t really need to advertise.
  • Furthermore, the “lists” that you will find online are not really that upright. Remember that the more respectable SEO firm having a lot of clients does not need to pay anything just to be on the list.
  • If a client is not contended with the outcome of their SEO, surely, there will be a negative review spreading around.
  1. Search for the SEO company that has the same standards as you.

  • Just before you make your decision, it is important that you observe your progress from the very start. Be certain that you and your SEO firm are looking at the same page of KPI or Key Performance Indicator. The following are SOME of the vital KPIs you need to know:
    • Page load time: The speed of loading your page determines the number of people who will stay on your site. If it is too slow, then people will look for another website.
    • Organic sessions: How much of your visitors came from organic search? How many of them reached your website searching on Google?
    • Conversion rate: What percentage of users are purchasing your brand? How many are your email subscribers? Or how many engages in the content of your site?