A List Yoast SEO Alternatives

Are you a blogger? A business owner? Do you have an online presence? If your answer is yes, then, you understand something about SEO. There are lots of WordPress plugins that will help you change your site for the better.

Even if you only know little about SEO, these WordPress plugins will make it easier. In fact, Yoast SEO, a well-known SEO plugin that has both a paid and free version, is very popular to the WordPress users.

a list of wordpress plugins

However, there are other selections too that can do the job well. So, let’s see what they are:

  1. Rank Math

  • This WordPress plugin has facets to boost your online presence.Rank Math is user-friendly that you can easily optimize your website. This platform can get up to 5 keywords unlike Yoast that can only feature one.
  • Furthermore, it can accomplish an exhaustive SEO audit of your website, and has particular facet to choose local SEO. This platform can definitely make your audience acknowledge your site. So, don’t forget to try Rank Math and see its benefits.
  1. SEOPress

  • This plugin has everything in just one platform that will assist your site to be recognized as a top search result very quickly. SEOPress has a free version and a paid version at $39.00 a year.
  • This is how SEOPress works:
    • Examining your content with limitless keywords.
    • Boosting through sharing on social media sites.
    • Imparting sitemap to Google to swiftly enhance your SEO efforts.
    • Taking care of the titles, meta descriptions, and snippets.
  • No wonder, SEOPress was appraised by WordPress.
  1. All in One SEO Pack

  • This was made in 2007 and is known to be the topmost downloaded plugins of WordPress. The good part about All in One SEO Pack is that the settings are split up in accordance to its features. This make it so simple to click whenever you want to do your website’s title, homepage, display and a lot more.
  • In short, this too of an option to just pass up! Do consider All in One SEO Pack if you want  a great Yoast SEO alternative.
  1. SEOPressor

  • An astonishing 23 million WordPress sites are utilizing SEOPressor! The dashboard can deliver SEO information in one place that makes it a breeze to rectify any mistake.
  • SEOPressor has the ability to optimize a maximum of three keywords.
  • The downside is that: there is no free version. The paid version is only $9.00 a month and that is very affordable. Go, try it!
  1. WP Meta SEO

  • This plugin is done for people who have almost no knowledge or none at all about SEO. The very first task WP Meta SEO is to jot down all the issues that are present in your site. Just link your WordPress to your Google Analytics account. It will further examine your focus keywords, content, and descriptions.
  • This is not only cool not just for beginners but SEO specialist as well. WP Meta SEO should be the first plugins you to check out!
  1. The SEO Framework

  • SEO Framework is an amazing plugin that optimizes your website without much clicking. It creates page titles and descriptions that will surely catch the attention of Google.
  • Most importantly, SEO Framework leaves no trace, and no brand will appear on your site. Its free version can integrate with other extensions.
  1. Premium SEO Pack

  • Similar to other plugins, it has both a paid and free versions. Of course the later will have more features and add-on compared to the free one. Nonetheless, the free version can still do optimization of keywords, titles, posts, and descriptions.
  • Now, you can choose your options among the list given to you. For sure, it is worth checking all of them out.