How to Evaluate Your SEO Approach (Part 2)

As promised, here is part 2 on the guidelines on how to evaluate your SEO approach. At this point, I would like to talk about the significance of user engagement, better content, striking headlines and a lot more. Read all about it below:

Expanding Your SEO Strategy

  • Aim for a Better Standard!

    • What reigned before was the 500-word blog, but that is no longer true today. What prevails at this time, are the long contents because it has more chance to be more engross. And that will give you more chances to go deeper on your topic to give the best value to your audience. If you want Google to notice you, give the searchers what they are looking for.
    • Research reveals that longer content ranks higher on Google, and the minimal word count of 1,890 words usually lands in the top results.
    • The greater the linked keywords guarantees you that you are not doing keyword stuffing. This means you have immense chances of improving your ranking just by making use of relevant keywords.
    • Aside from building lengthier content, you can still improve the typical quality of your content by advising various kinds of content which includes: polls, surveys, infographics, quizzes, and other interactive content.
    • These connected essentials can help to retain people reading and staying in a prolonged period of time on your page. It has a big part in your ranking. Even your content team will be engrossed.

Person Holding Pen Near Macbook Pro

  • Track Your Links.

    • To make building link easier, create a firmer content to be your footing in your strategy. You need excellent links from various websites. You would also want to connect not just the main page, but the other pages of your site as well.
    • Then, keep track on who shared your link or who added your link on their site.
  • Intensify Your Titles to Increase Click-Through Rate.

    • The title of your content plays a decisive role because users react to the headline whether they click it or not. Now, you know why you should give more time to create an exciting headline.
    • There are tools available like the Headline Analyzer. Aside from it being free, it can do a real good job in ranking your headline that is based on particular elements like the type of words that were used. It tells you ways to improve your headlines by suggesting to get rid of some words.
  • Promote User Engagement.

    • To improve your rankings ask for a call to actions from your readers like interacting or commenting on what you have posted.
    • Gary Illyes of Google, a webmaster trends analyst, said that nurturing community can assist improve your rankings because people are not just reading, they also took the time to interact with it. This means, people stays longer in your site because they have found what they have been searching for.
    • Another important thing is beside call to action, ask a question at the end of your post so you can start a conversation with people.

The bottom line is daily analysis of your SEO strategy. That will assist to make things new, and keep an eye on important updates to prepare you to what is to come. Catch up on part 1 by clicking this link.