The Connection Between Applicability and Email Marketing

Email marketing is the bastion of the establishments today.  To be successful in this, you have to possess a very productive email marketing strategy to enhance your conversion rates.

You are probably wondering why email marketing is very effective than social media marketing, personal branding, and a whole lot more, right? Well, the answers are pretty simple, it has such an incredible ROI, it is easy to do, and above all, it will not cost you so much.

Collect your customers email addresses that is your first step. And then, utilize your following in social media, and you are so ready to do your email marketing! And oh, newsletters will help build traffic to your website, and for sure, your audience will not forget your services or your brand.

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What is relevance?

  • Sure, it is such a big word but you can do it if you make certain that your messages are applicable to your audience. If you are not careful, your list will definitely dwindle. A study showed that the pointlessness of the messages is the major reason why people opted to unsubscribe from your email lists. And there is no turning back!
  • Now you know how important it is to be pertinent to your service or brand. You should then be very careful and think thoroughly before you make that important marketing email campaign you have in mind. Ask yourself why people signed up. And do not stop there, probe some more like:
    • What are the ways you could make your idea engaging to your subscribers?
    • Whatever values will the subscribers get from you?
    • Will your message appear that you are selling something to your subscriber or will you assist in solving a problem for them?

Make sure that the above questions can give that sincere value to your subscribers, it only shows that your messages are pertinent. Does your goal includes adding up to the list of your subscribers.

Now, you know that you’ve got to be pertinent, right? The next step is to think of a way to enlarge your answer rates, increase sales, and hold your subscribers interest wanting for more marketing emails from you. But know what is in the back of their minds. Make sure you answer their question, “what’s in it for me?” This one you should be embedded in your mind.

Here are some tips to add more pertinence to your email marketing campaign.

  • True, that the bottom line is wanting to sell your product or your service, use these to solve their problems.
  • Make it easy and comprehensible and make sure it is seen in the messages you send your subscribers. Kiss everything (keep it simple, stupid!).
  • Understand your subscribers and personalize your approach. Now this is pertinent!
  • Personalizing your marketing email messages means separating your lists. Remember, not all messages are relatable to all. Separating your subscriber’s list will monitor their wants and needs plus the past actions you have taken. A tailor made messages will bring home the point of pertinence.
  • Think of ideas, but do not hurriedly send them to your subscribers every time you thought of something to talk about. Make your ideas clear and refine them first and wait for the perfect time to send them. One idea, one message at a time. That will make your email marketing messages priceless to your audience.
  • Think of something to tickle your subscriber’s imagination, write your subject lines creatively, and intrigue them more.
  • Think that you are the customer. In doing so, you will know what they like and a tailor made messages for different groups could surely, add more to your subscribers, and at the same time, keeping the once already in your list.