SEO Guide for Micro Enterprises (Part 1)

It will be wise for you to know the essentials of SEO. To help you, here are the topmost principles of SEO that micro enterprise owners need to be aware of. All you have to do is to understand and you are on your way to a better SEO result. So let’s go over them:

  • How can they affect search?
  • What are the directions?
  • Learn how to plan or get someone who can do it for you.

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It is helpful to grasp the fundamental terms and use them. But it should not stop from there, you should also understand the principles.

  • User Intent
  • Content is not the king. The user intent is. That does not mean that you will do away with your content because it is still part of the whole SEO activity. But before you venture into that, ask yourself this simple question, “what type of content will really and truly get me to do the search engine user’s intent?
  • The answer is simple. If users want to search for “sandals,” it is obvious that they have the intention of purchasing. Now, think, how many websites are there where people can buy sandals? Pretty sure, there is a great number of sites out there.
  • Let us consider your intent. Okay, you are selling sandals and the users simply searched for sandals in the search engine and you are not really certain of its intent. We also talked about the intent which is of course to buy sandal. Obviously, there are thousands of sites that Google can choose that can fulfill that intent. Despite that, a research clearly showed that users are not just drawn in purchasing sandals.
  • Google’s concern is not on your intent, but that of the searcher’s.
    • A site that considers the searcher’s intent more has a higher chance of ranking high with Google because you have fulfilled the user’s intent. This goes to show, that yes, you have the searcher’s intent and it was fulfilled by the help of your well-thought of and well-written content. And that, is a sure fire winner!
  • Local SEO
  • If you are considering the local market, you probably know, if not, heard about the SEO strategies. Understand that your SEO should look after local suitableness than the whole site’s dependability.
    • You might look at it as giving more significance to the local nature of links as against the volume that you need to ensure your on-site visibility that reinforced your location. You do not have to fill your city more than you should when it comes to content.
    • What you do need to focus on are:
      • Looking for an administrative layout that serves your purpose and placing it in the varied pages.
      • Putting a Google Map of your business on your contact page.
      • Acknowledging your micro enterprises on Bing Places.
      • Studying your other micro enterprises listing apart from Google and Bing.

As far as your link efforts are concerned, zero-in on the undersized local papers instead of the larger sites. This is not to keep you away from huge chances, it is just that it will take more of your time and effort and might even have an end result of the downturn of your returns. There is also a continuation of this post. Part 2 of this article is posted right here.