Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 2

Since things always change, it follows that SEO strategies has its own changes too. The techniques that were effective during a certain period of time, but today, they aren’t anymore. Those should be left behind or better still buried, but many small businesses and rookie marketers still prefer to apply the SEO outdated ways. It is useless to keep utilizing those ancient ways of promoting a website. So, disregard these methods:


  • This can be done using a software. It is a scheme of taking a great article and making different words, phrases, and arrangement. And because it contains exactly the same as the original content, it is non-effective.
  • True, AI has become effective in writing, but a real person can create something only the mind can produce. It is only humans who can write with a lot of substance and bravado that other humans can understand and empathize with.


  • At a certain period of time, it did well in the ranking but not anymore. Lazy marketers decided not to do their own content. They chose to arrange, hand-picked and copy/paste other people’s content and link back the content to the original content. This will not make their content significant.
  • Do away with that kind of strategy. It is now a common knowledge that good content are given a reward by the search engines simply because it can tell what is honest and what is not. Do what is right, and your success is just around the corner.

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  • This is something that a number of webmasters and marketers does not grasp. We are talking about keywords and its significant role in the SEO efforts. They, likewise, do not know how to use it in their everyday life.
  • Do not delude your users and present to them a content that is not embodied by recurring keywords just to have additional exposure. Google can pinpoint that, and without a doubt, it is one antiquated SEO practice.
    • It is the many occasion that a phrase or a keyword is displayed on a web page as in contrast to the entire number of words on the page. If what you do is just writing for a certain keyword density, you are completely losing the whole point of your article.
    • You have forgotten that Google will not count on keyword density to recognize the webpage’s competence. Now, you ask, what works? Short and sweet, awesome content and how you communicate it. Now those are potent!
    • This is a method that is the oldest trick in the SEO book. While it is true that the name of the game is keywords, that does not mean you will have oodles of them to load to your website just so you reach the top. No way!
    • Everybody knows keyword stuffing. Long before, webmasters placed keyword options and in just about anywhere even if it means placing it in the website footer. What is really devious is placing the keyword in the background with the same text color! They can fool their audience, but not the search engine crawlers. Webmasters did this kind of scheme with links, but that is not right. Your users are humans, not some computer, and certainly not the search engines!
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