Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 1

SEO had made a lot of various experimental changes in the past years and it still has been going through it up to this very day. Regardless of the many developments, other people prefers to cling to the old ways of utilizing the antiquated practices to increase its presence and accomplishments. Admit it, those old tricks are so useless.  What you need now is to read the guide below to show you the strategies that will give you negative effects on your website.


  • Write in a natural way, if not, the search engines would know. Marketers should never bank on repetition of the subject. It is totally not suitable! Before, when crawlers sees this keyword repeated many times including its different variations, it will result to high ranking. Today, that isn’t working at all. What is more current are search engines that can ID the scheme, including its poorly written content. Write not for the numbers, write for people!


  • Never attempt to outwit the system, it will not work. But people will keep on trying simply because it gives enough enhancement of the brand’s website.
  • It is a proven fact, articles directories works. Nevertheless, it requires a quickly written article, and submitting it to the multitudes of article directories, and link it to your website. This is in expectation that people will publish it in their own website in the hope of additions in its content. But watch out now, the duplicate content filters and underlying link penalties, makes article directories disadvantageous for the majority of webmasters.
  • Most people know that Google unleashed its game-changing Panda update in 2011. It looks for websites that has inferior content which means, they are terribly written, rubbish, if not, the content could initially belong from another website. So, the question is, why do people still keeps on practicing this strategy?
Analytics, Charts, Graphics, Marketing, Traffic, Seo

Analytics, Charts, Graphics, Marketing, Traffic, Seo


  • Anchored text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. The keywords used are hints that the search engines knew the topic of a particular web page. The web’s standard is the underlined blue anchor text despite the fact that even the color can be altered.
  • Headline, page title, naked, exact match are the types of anchor text. It really depends on the circumstances and how it is used.
  • Earlier, it has been consistently the keyword-rich and precise match that was the SEO remarkable common standard practice. Google’s Penguin will be able to detect the overly magnified content. As a result, nothing can duplicate the remarkable well- thought-of and well-written content. When you write to people and for the people, it is a sure winner.


  • All these years, keywords has been changing rapidly. The succeeding years, tools tried to replicate the keyword data.
  • Marketers depended on Google’s Keyword Planner simply because it’s available for free. Google owns this so it is not a surprise if people constantly use it up to this day. It will assist you to recognize what works. It provides you the insights of perceiving the target and the user’s intent as well.
  • When it comes to paid alternatives there’s SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool and Moz Keyword Explorer tool. If you want something for free, turn to Google Trends.