SEO Practices That Are Old Yet Very Relevant

Some of the new SEO practices are extremely functional, but let us not underestimate the old school SEO habits that are still very functional to this day. It has been a great help to websites to have a better ranking, and let us not forget, earnings! Sounds great? So, let us take a look at those old school SEO habits, and see how you can use them.

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    • When people are successful there is the tendency to unnecessarily share their success with friends in small or big gatherings. It is also a time to boost how good they are in your field. The old school SEO will tell you that you have to be very cautious even if you are tempted. Yes, you feel good knowing how a lot of the people are awed with you, but the price you have to pay for that is not worth it.
    • If you are not discreet, you made yourself the target of jealous business owners that will challenge you to the end of your wits. They could destroy you personally and they could destroy your enterprise. So, if you are wise enough, zip it!

    • Make sure that you can cover and hide from your rivals so they will have a very hard time looking for your search engines and gain entry in the websites that you have. Once more, go to the first rule, cover and never tell the public how your strategy is linked to it from either a public blog or social media. If you don’t, you are endangering your business.
    • What is odd is that there are still a number of people who do not believe in this. There was a story of a popular search expert that was too talkative. He purposely linked one of his sites that came from a blog post to tell the world how great its ranking was using this approach. What is sad in the story is, a few days later, Google banned his site.

    • It is not wise to ever share links joining websites or attaching your websites. It is advisable to keep yours unconnected. This will keep your website safe and sound even if one of your websites blow off, it will unable to annihilate your network or other sites.
    • The truth is that no matter how honestly you followed the SEO rules, other people will use dishonest SEO practices, and should your sites gets implicated, that will endanger the other sites that are attached to the unsafe site.

    • A rapid download speed results to more ad impressions followed by additional sales. In an odd amount of traffic, your site is surely running. What is dreadful is that such humongous traffic will see the server crash due to its weight. Remember to keep the template code light.
    • If you want to decrease your speed in the max level, make certain that:
      • Lessen your usage of intricate effects or animations.
      • Don’t utilize external buttons, fonts, and icons. Try to use what is built-in.
      • Use the most uncomplicated template.

    • File names must be short. It will look terrific on social media. Apart from that, it is effortless to memorize. And that is something you want, don’t you?