Boost SEO Traffic By Updating Your Past Blog Posts

It is shocking to know that some people do not even have a system to upgrade their old blog posts. For sure, there were many opportunities to improve the contents in the past, but didn’t.

For sure there are so many things going on in your mind. Let’s take it up one at a time.

Woman revising her blog posts


In answer to that question, first go over the contents that you have created and posted in the past. Which of your post prompted the most traffic?

For sure, they are outdated that you have done a year ago. How to update them?

Identify what you can update and what you cannot.

After establishing your list of content to update, don’t go doing it right away. Be cautious on the possible dangers:

  • To do or not to do.

Take note that if the subject matter is focused on the technical stuffs, then, the update can be deemed as fresh. So, go ahead and start improving your content.

However, if the subject is a traditional topic, then, updating is not a good idea. For example, the rules of the English grammar would probably not change constantly so there’s no need for updates on this matter.

  • Diverting the purpose of the page.

Always remember not to change the main though of the content.

You could be changing the original post, and consequently, it would affect your current rankings.

Now, that’s done. You can now start updating the outdated blog post.


Changing the time stamp from the publication date to last updated date. Soon afterwards, really update your old posts. Once there are new updates, your readers can immediately see it basing from the time stamp.


Tidy up the broken links. You can use an extension like Link Miner. Determine the portions that need to be updated.

Also, check all your plugins. Are still using them? Find out if there are updated and if they are of use to your website. If not, then, remove unnecaessary tools.


Solidify your post by adding MORE data in your content. This is one of the methods you can do to heighten traffic to your post.

This is a good chance for you to discover what to add to your recent articles. Be very careful and avoid being redundant.

Where to get topic ideas? Just search your keyword on Google, and check the search results. For sure, Google will give you search suggestions or related searches. From there, you will have an idea how to expand.


 A nice method of building your past posts and make it more helpful is to take advantage of links from others sources. More particularly, find possibilities to:

  • Change the outdated data with new ones.
  • To make it more interesting, add more up-to-date guidelines or research.
  • Impart a list of a lot of resources that can be interesting to your users.

These information will surely add more to the value to those you are linking to. Who knows, you might just get a link or share after.


Definitely, this is such an immense help. Assuming you did the wrong approach, this could reduce the current rankings and the CTR. Editing the title tag for your articles to increase its chances to be clicked, and this could be such a gigantic help in directing more traffic. Just don’t overdo it because it could compromise your current standings.

5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 2)

We all know how SEO has progressed and how important it is for us to cope up with the changes. In part 1, we have taken up 5 free SEO tools. To help you further in the SEO arena, let us continue to take up the other free SEO tools you should use.

Google Search

Here they are:

Mobile-Friendly Test

  •  Google’s algorithm places a lot of importance on the mobile friendliness of a site.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test was made to aid you in your study as to whether your site is fitting for tablets and mobile phones.
  • Just type in your URL and you will be notified if your website is mobile friendly or not. Mobile-Friendly Test will also propose on how you can enhance your site with regards to this issue.
  • The feature of Page Loading Info allows you to have the knowledge of whether or not Google can correctly crawl on a specific page. If it can’t access, it will advise you on what you can do.


  • The most recent version of Ubbersuggest can easily type in a website and secure domain metrics. It can also furnish you back data for every keyword inclusive of CPC, search volume, and the status of competition. Most importantly, Ubbersuggest has the ability to extract keywords that are not to your liking.

Google Search Console 

Include this tool because Google Search Console can give you substantial awareness regarding:

  • Indexation matters.
  • Keyword and URL effectiveness.
  • Website quality.
  • Sitemap rank.
  • Mobile functionality.


  • This tool allows you to see how a specific search engine views your site. It empties all the enhancements and bares the framework. Browseo could also let you know if Google’s crawlers are having a rough time in gathering important content on your site. Another capability is giving the SERP preview that allows you to see how your site comes into view in the concrete search results.
  • Browseo will attest if your meta descriptions and titles are adequately optimized. That should prepare you to make the changes you need.

Counting Characters

  • Most of the people do count the characters to estimate meta description as well as the span of the title.
  • Counting Characters can provide you with both the character and the pixel estimation for you. With this, you are sure you can build your titles and not be bothered by disruptions of an ellipsis.


  • CanIRank will aid you to reach your goal in landing at the first page of search engines by the usage of a distinct keyword. Compared to other tools, it allows you to know the possibility of your site ranking for a search word. It utilizes AI to supply you the advice on how you could improve your desired keywords.
  • An additional benefit of this tool is that it can actually do an assessment. Afterwards, it will present a comprehensive report on the feasible methods of enlarging your website rankings.
  • The best thing? You can use CanIRank without even paying anything. You can get the paid versions, but you can also just use the “free forever” CanIRank subscription.

 Keywords Everywhere 

  • Do not forget Keywords Everywhere because it is available for free. Whether you are Team Chrome or Team Firefox, it supports both browsers.
  • It can examine the keywords and search volume of sites like Google Trends, Bing, YouTube, Google Search Console, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 1)

SEO is still continuously progressing beyond our imagination. It has done wonders to all of us, getting continuous information in just about anything we could think of. To keep up to the fast pace of SEO, new trends has to be made soon as the need arises. Currently, what we have are the voice search and Artificial Intelligence. Don’t be behind all the changes.

black Android smartphone showing google site on white surface

To assist you in learning these new trends, here are 5 SEO tools that will help you with very little financial investment.

Google Analytics

Try using Google Analytics. It has the capacity to perform various things. This tool can give you the precise numbers of visitors in a particular site, including location demographics and the sources of its traffic. These details are the elements you should consider when doing changes in your content strategy. This very useful tool is free if you have, which almost everybody has, a Google account. Isn’t that great?

Google Analytics, assist you to discover what approach is working and what is not working. There are more fantastic tools that are acquirable from Google such as Google Sheets, Google Search Console, Page Speed Insights, and Keyword Planner.

Answer The Public

It is a terrific tool that gives content marketers significant details. Just enter the keyword and Answer The Public will provide you the most asked questions online that comes from a particular keyword. It will likewise give you a infographic with the phrases and questions that were utilized when a user enters that particular keyword.

With the data you have, you can now create a well thought of content whose objective is to provide the concerns of the customers as well as the future customers. It could also provide reference on how to direct the keyword. An example is PPC versus SEO, or the dissimilarity between PPC and SEO.  Consequently, you can create an excellent content that you can share with anybody you want.


Do you need a comprehensive research? Go and check MozBar. It operates with the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, it provides easy entry to the cutting-edge metrics on web pages and research on keyword. Mozbar can gain entry in Domain Authority scores. Its current features are Page Optimization and Keyword Difficulty. If you want to upgrade, MozPro has a 30-day trial period.


Keyworddit is a smart tool that is free and it originated from subreddits on Reddit (a forum online) and gives all text and list where such and such keyword was utilized. Simply type a certain subreddit, and it will show you the search volume of the terms. In addition, it gives you very important perception into the interest of a particular audiences.


Why not avail of the free two weeks trial of Woorank? It is another awesome analyzer that can provide you with SEO score. It has the ability to encapsulate the strategies to strengthen the SEO of your website.

Woorank possesses social shareable pane that delivers social media perceptions which includes how many shares, comments of what you post, likes, and the list goes on.  Additionally, it can provide you a mobile view of how your pages came out on your mobile device and present to you how rapidly they could load.

You want more? I will give you more free tools that you should use in part 2 of this article.

Why User Engagement Is Vital For SEO and 7 Ways to Increase It

Everybody is concern about the search engine ranking and bringing in traffic in their websites that a lot of people do not remember the most vital element, the user engagement. Engaging with your audience only happens when they know the value of your content. Thus, there is a big possibility of improvement in your search engine rankings. If you fail to give pertinent solutions to their high priority concerns, Google will definitely knock you off from the uppermost results.

person holding black phone

The list below will help you strengthen your user engagement:

  1. Increase your website speed and make it more reactive.
  • A sluggish landing page will surely lose your would be customers and 25% of these users will look for a site where they don’t have to wait for the landing page for the next few minutes.
  • Users will hang around in your website if they can explore and find what they want. Make your visitors feel that they are not wasting their time waiting for the landing page, no matter what device they are using.
  1. Eliminate basic SEO mistakes.

  • When SEO mistakes happens, the users can be upset and disrupt their initial interest. There is a big chance that they will go somewhere else.
  • Then, you lose the traffic that you need as well as the probability of a conversion.
  1. Offer your users various multimedia content.
  • People are different in many ways even in learning. A few learns swiftly by means of visual, a few prefers auditory to learn easily, and some sensory. Remember this when you are creating your content. People like to see text, but utilize video with words also to get through more people. Another means is to record your blog so people can listen no matter what they are doing instead of having to sit down and read it. Merge content forms and observe the developments in your website.
  1. Create beneficial content.

  • Be the destination! Write contents that can benefit your users. Make it simple for your audience. Give them a thorough of the how-to, current pointers about tools, or anything that you think of that can be helpful. Giving your audience the best you possibly can, will make you the place where people know they can learn. It will be, as mentioned earlier a great destination.
  1. Clear up your website’s design and navigation.
  • If you work smart, your business will progress but never be too confident. Check our website’s design and navigation from time to time. You will never know if there is something wrong if you don’t ask a friend or a relative to check them. If there are any hardships, well, time to clear up and give your users a finer experience.
  1. Enhance connected post and link other blog post.

  • Aid people to locate what they want to see in your website. The finest means is to link other posts that are connected or similar in what you are writing.
  • Whenever you bring up something that you have created before, link to it asap!  This will be your cue to tell your users more or less identical topic only after they are done reading it.
  1. Make an accessible search option.
  • You have to offer your users what they want. If they don’t see it in your site, for sure, they will search for it somewhere else. By making a search option available in your site, users can immediately see what they are looking for. This will allow you to make some more of those helpful and useful content to benefit your visitors.

Big SEO Trends to Take On Before 2020

Content is more essential in SEO.  So what’s new? Simply increase Google and your audience approvals, and what matters is content. It still reigns supreme in the SEO arena. We are talking about ingenuity, the type of media, and last but not the least, your target audience. You want to know more about it?

Upward Trends for SEO

Here are the SEO trends that you have to follow:


  • More people learned that a shallow content, will garner shallow results. Users want more spent, thoroughly searched, and lengthy contents that are more beneficial. Take a quick look at the top 5 Google search results and you will realized that these top pages have a well-research content. They present their research, include an infographic, and present in a way that’s very understandable to the audience.


  • A study tells us that 56% of the B2C content marketers placed a greater weight on time. So, last year they placed their time and money resources as their investment. This could pretty much cover the following:
    • Expounding thoroughly on keywords and subjects.
    • Crafting the foundation of the coverage content.
    • Writing and developing the content.
    • Improving the screen grabs, graphics, and taking advantage of other media files.
    • Advertising your posts in the various channels.
  • Akin to Google Trends, content marketing got on top of its popularity in the past years. So, if you want to reach your goal this year, spend on content marketing. You may end up being ahead of the pack.


  • This is another chosen fad that many marketers in the field use in one channel and that reflects on one survey by Evergage. It says 93% of marketers utilize this approach. This system concentrates on altering the content for the different users of your site built on obtainable usable personal data like the latest browser history, statistics, and interests.
  • Evergage survey tells us that personalization:
    • Aids in a high quality shopping experience.
    • Creates quantifiable ROI.
    • Escalates the sense of loyalty of customers.
  • The reality is that a specific content converses with a definite type of user.  Content personalization gives each visitor a distinct depending on whether it is their 1st visit or 22nd visit; because of this, the user will keep on coming back to your site for more.


A certain study said that 90% of the consumers chooses dependability to the brands that they love and patronize. Marketers knows this, but there is a problem here. Why? Because 92% of the marketers think and feel they are dependable but customers thinks they are not.

Meanwhile, if the brands are dependable, nearly 90% of the consumers will do something about it.

  • 52% will tell people how great your product is.
  • 49% would stick to your product.


Adults over 18 years old utilize a minimum of 11 hours per day on content that is available on mobile phones, the internet, and other devices that has an internet connection. Be smart and get into YouTube, podcasts, live streaming, and other visual content. It is a good idea to be where your preferred customers are, and put your money on those platforms.


How to Do Your SEO Research and Study Your Target Audience?

When you think of an SEO campaign, do not just consider numbers, think of knowing your audience first. This will hasten the traffic and influence more conversion.

person holding pencil near laptop computer

There are many approaches to research and analyze your SEO audience. You are aware that there are tools for every method that will assist you in achieving your objectives swiftly and easier.


 This is the core of SEO. Utilize keywords that are fitting and pertinent to your brand or services.  When you have completed your list of keywords, pick the top 5 that can fully personify your brand or services. Through this strategy you will find the demographics that are connected to the phrases or words. Demographics.i0 is a tool to get the needed data for this intent. Try Google Trends and find the demographic information that you want to accomplish complete with data and location as well as how you can handle the trend.

Having all the data that includes – age, gender, and recent location you would be able to aid in identifying the potential. This will draw the whole picture as to what your web visitors’ concerns are, interests, and hobbies.


Analyze the visitors who wander to your site. This will describe the kind of audience that you have, and learn whether or not they are your target audience that will like your brand or service. To easily know this information, use Google Analytics but first enable the Interests and Demographic reports. Once you have done that, you can now go over the variety of audience details that you need such as age, interests and location.

These information will aid you in choosing the right content and topographical areas. Now, there is a chance you will discover that the audience you have now are not your preferred audience, then, go over your keywords and content to pinpoint where the problem lies. And then, remedy it, asap!


 Take a closer look at your site and gather all the data and analyze the various brands and other competitors. Basically, you are eyeing on the demographics and you can use tools like YouGov, Alexa, or Quantcast to gather all the data.


 There is nothing more direct than an email survey! This is such a truthful way of communicating with your target audience. But to get the most decent returns, make it short and simple. Ask about their general interests, insights, needs, or areas to improve. Use the data that you gathered to recognize content choices like videos, images, keyword targets, and a lot more.


Google has been progressively intensifying its way of delivering the answers in SERPs. Surely, you are interested to know the different inquiries of your future audience so you can make the necessary preparations and create the content at the right time. Utilize the various tools to aid you like SEMrush,  AnswerThePublic, and BuzzSumo.


After you have the data of your preferred audience, you still have something to fill the empty data by making another data research. Find out if you can have information about the lead features of your target audience. Then, go to Google Scholar and gather data about your demographics whether they are Gen X, Y, or Z.

Dreadful SEO Strategies That You Should Scrap

Google and the internet has gone a long way since it started, but what is interesting is that, up to now, antiquated SEO strategies still are being widely used everywhere. It cause damages to search rankings and even conversion rates. What is really disturbing is the fact that the site owners do not even know that they are no longer effective.

Garbage, Trash, Litter, Recycling, Frustration

So, what are these dreadful and useless SEO strategies that you should scrap for life?


During the past years, people publish numerous content centering at the identical keyword. Today, if that scheme is used, continually utilizing identical keywords would gravely influence website rankings. To address this, join together synonyms of your main keyword and do not repeat already used keywords.  Also, check Google and do a simple search. You will immediately see the keywords related to your chosen topic. Then, you can utilize it in your blog.


Short content in SEO will bring you nowhere. Thus, the only way is to improve lengthy content.

Studies tells us that those content that has 2,000 to 3,000 words are the ones that got the most shared and which likewise got an awesome ranking. After BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million articles, it verifies the authenticity of the above statement. Meantime, Backclinko had its own research and found out that content that were on top of Google’s page are those articles that has more or less 2,000 words.


 There is no way that Google will even notice your site if you only do irregular posting. Should you make it as constant, it is feeding Google about your site and thus, build your email list.

Hubspot discovered that if sites post more or less 16 times per month, maximum results will happen. A website will most likely have good traffic and awesome leads. That is the reason why you should use a schedule guideline.


 Google wants to identify great content that deserves high ranking. Google Quality Rater Guidelines exhibited that the excellent pages are:

  • The pages that hit are those that were well- thought of objectives and goals.
  • The pages that showed expertise, plausibility, and reliability.

Improve a content that is brilliant compared to those on the first page of Google’s search outcome. That is the only way that Google will give you the ranking you always dreamt of.


SEMrush scanned more than a 100,000 websites, and discovered this on-page SEO error. Publishing identical content is a huge NO. Use Copyscape or any program that will tell you if there is a content identical to what you are about to publish online.


 Purchasing links is one SEO old fashioned practice. Google finds this unacceptable. Websites that purchases links will be punished. For Google, every link is equated as a “vote of confidence.” Doing otherwise is a defiance to Google’s guidelines. The best and sincerest way of handling links is by consistently building a content that is truly worthy of being linked. Yes, it will take time, but it is worth the wait.


Many people, at least 70% of them, investigate a certain service or brand. It is disheartening to know that 61% of online reviews are bogus. Make sure that you are only getting authentic reviews and never concoct fake reviews in order to get favorable response from the public. Check reviews from actual people on sites such as Yelp, BBB, and many more.