Boost SEO Traffic By Updating Your Past Blog Posts

It is shocking to know that some people do not even have a system to upgrade their old blog posts. For sure, there were many opportunities to improve the contents in the past, but didn’t.

For sure there are so many things going on in your mind. Let’s take it up one at a time.

Woman revising her blog posts


In answer to that question, first go over the contents that you have created and posted in the past. Which of your post prompted the most traffic?

For sure, they are outdated that you have done a year ago. How to update them?

Identify what you can update and what you cannot.

After establishing your list of content to update, don’t go doing it right away. Be cautious on the possible dangers:

  • To do or not to do.

Take note that if the subject matter is focused on the technical stuffs, then, the update can be deemed as fresh. So, go ahead and start improving your content.

However, if the subject is a traditional topic, then, updating is not a good idea. For example, the rules of the English grammar would probably not change constantly so there’s no need for updates on this matter.

  • Diverting the purpose of the page.

Always remember not to change the main though of the content.

You could be changing the original post, and consequently, it would affect your current rankings.

Now, that’s done. You can now start updating the outdated blog post.


Changing the time stamp from the publication date to last updated date. Soon afterwards, really update your old posts. Once there are new updates, your readers can immediately see it basing from the time stamp.


Tidy up the broken links. You can use an extension like Link Miner. Determine the portions that need to be updated.

Also, check all your plugins. Are still using them? Find out if there are updated and if they are of use to your website. If not, then, remove unnecaessary tools.


Solidify your post by adding MORE data in your content. This is one of the methods you can do to heighten traffic to your post.

This is a good chance for you to discover what to add to your recent articles. Be very careful and avoid being redundant.

Where to get topic ideas? Just search your keyword on Google, and check the search results. For sure, Google will give you search suggestions or related searches. From there, you will have an idea how to expand.


 A nice method of building your past posts and make it more helpful is to take advantage of links from others sources. More particularly, find possibilities to:

  • Change the outdated data with new ones.
  • To make it more interesting, add more up-to-date guidelines or research.
  • Impart a list of a lot of resources that can be interesting to your users.

These information will surely add more to the value to those you are linking to. Who knows, you might just get a link or share after.


Definitely, this is such an immense help. Assuming you did the wrong approach, this could reduce the current rankings and the CTR. Editing the title tag for your articles to increase its chances to be clicked, and this could be such a gigantic help in directing more traffic. Just don’t overdo it because it could compromise your current standings.

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