5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 2)

We all know how SEO has progressed and how important it is for us to cope up with the changes. In part 1, we have taken up 5 free SEO tools. To help you further in the SEO arena, let us continue to take up the other free SEO tools you should use.

Google Search

Here they are:

Mobile-Friendly Test

  •  Google’s algorithm places a lot of importance on the mobile friendliness of a site.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test was made to aid you in your study as to whether your site is fitting for tablets and mobile phones.
  • Just type in your URL and you will be notified if your website is mobile friendly or not. Mobile-Friendly Test will also propose on how you can enhance your site with regards to this issue.
  • The feature of Page Loading Info allows you to have the knowledge of whether or not Google can correctly crawl on a specific page. If it can’t access, it will advise you on what you can do.


  • The most recent version of Ubbersuggest can easily type in a website and secure domain metrics. It can also furnish you back data for every keyword inclusive of CPC, search volume, and the status of competition. Most importantly, Ubbersuggest has the ability to extract keywords that are not to your liking.

Google Search Console 

Include this tool because Google Search Console can give you substantial awareness regarding:

  • Indexation matters.
  • Keyword and URL effectiveness.
  • Website quality.
  • Sitemap rank.
  • Mobile functionality.


  • This tool allows you to see how a specific search engine views your site. It empties all the enhancements and bares the framework. Browseo could also let you know if Google’s crawlers are having a rough time in gathering important content on your site. Another capability is giving the SERP preview that allows you to see how your site comes into view in the concrete search results.
  • Browseo will attest if your meta descriptions and titles are adequately optimized. That should prepare you to make the changes you need.

Counting Characters

  • Most of the people do count the characters to estimate meta description as well as the span of the title.
  • Counting Characters can provide you with both the character and the pixel estimation for you. With this, you are sure you can build your titles and not be bothered by disruptions of an ellipsis.


  • CanIRank will aid you to reach your goal in landing at the first page of search engines by the usage of a distinct keyword. Compared to other tools, it allows you to know the possibility of your site ranking for a search word. It utilizes AI to supply you the advice on how you could improve your desired keywords.
  • An additional benefit of this tool is that it can actually do an assessment. Afterwards, it will present a comprehensive report on the feasible methods of enlarging your website rankings.
  • The best thing? You can use CanIRank without even paying anything. You can get the paid versions, but you can also just use the “free forever” CanIRank subscription.

 Keywords Everywhere 

  • Do not forget Keywords Everywhere because it is available for free. Whether you are Team Chrome or Team Firefox, it supports both browsers.
  • It can examine the keywords and search volume of sites like Google Trends, Bing, YouTube, Google Search Console, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.