5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 1)

SEO is still continuously progressing beyond our imagination. It has done wonders to all of us, getting continuous information in just about anything we could think of. To keep up to the fast pace of SEO, new trends has to be made soon as the need arises. Currently, what we have are the voice search and Artificial Intelligence. Don’t be behind all the changes.

black Android smartphone showing google site on white surface

To assist you in learning these new trends, here are 5 SEO tools that will help you with very little financial investment.

Google Analytics

Try using Google Analytics. It has the capacity to perform various things. This tool can give you the precise numbers of visitors in a particular site, including location demographics and the sources of its traffic. These details are the elements you should consider when doing changes in your content strategy. This very useful tool is free if you have, which almost everybody has, a Google account. Isn’t that great?

Google Analytics, assist you to discover what approach is working and what is not working. There are more fantastic tools that are acquirable from Google such as Google Sheets, Google Search Console, Page Speed Insights, and Keyword Planner.

Answer The Public

It is a terrific tool that gives content marketers significant details. Just enter the keyword and Answer The Public will provide you the most asked questions online that comes from a particular keyword. It will likewise give you a infographic with the phrases and questions that were utilized when a user enters that particular keyword.

With the data you have, you can now create a well thought of content whose objective is to provide the concerns of the customers as well as the future customers. It could also provide reference on how to direct the keyword. An example is PPC versus SEO, or the dissimilarity between PPC and SEO.  Consequently, you can create an excellent content that you can share with anybody you want.


Do you need a comprehensive research? Go and check MozBar. It operates with the Google Chrome browser. Additionally, it provides easy entry to the cutting-edge metrics on web pages and research on keyword. Mozbar can gain entry in Domain Authority scores. Its current features are Page Optimization and Keyword Difficulty. If you want to upgrade, MozPro has a 30-day trial period.


Keyworddit is a smart tool that is free and it originated from subreddits on Reddit (a forum online) and gives all text and list where such and such keyword was utilized. Simply type a certain subreddit, and it will show you the search volume of the terms. In addition, it gives you very important perception into the interest of a particular audiences.


Why not avail of the free two weeks trial of Woorank? It is another awesome analyzer that can provide you with SEO score. It has the ability to encapsulate the strategies to strengthen the SEO of your website.

Woorank possesses social shareable pane that delivers social media perceptions which includes how many shares, comments of what you post, likes, and the list goes on.  Additionally, it can provide you a mobile view of how your pages came out on your mobile device and present to you how rapidly they could load.

You want more? I will give you more free tools that you should use in part 2 of this article.