Why User Engagement Is Vital For SEO and 7 Ways to Increase It

Everybody is concern about the search engine ranking and bringing in traffic in their websites that a lot of people do not remember the most vital element, the user engagement. Engaging with your audience only happens when they know the value of your content. Thus, there is a big possibility of improvement in your search engine rankings. If you fail to give pertinent solutions to their high priority concerns, Google will definitely knock you off from the uppermost results.

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The list below will help you strengthen your user engagement:

  1. Increase your website speed and make it more reactive.
  • A sluggish landing page will surely lose your would be customers and 25% of these users will look for a site where they don’t have to wait for the landing page for the next few minutes.
  • Users will hang around in your website if they can explore and find what they want. Make your visitors feel that they are not wasting their time waiting for the landing page, no matter what device they are using.
  1. Eliminate basic SEO mistakes.

  • When SEO mistakes happens, the users can be upset and disrupt their initial interest. There is a big chance that they will go somewhere else.
  • Then, you lose the traffic that you need as well as the probability of a conversion.
  1. Offer your users various multimedia content.
  • People are different in many ways even in learning. A few learns swiftly by means of visual, a few prefers auditory to learn easily, and some sensory. Remember this when you are creating your content. People like to see text, but utilize video with words also to get through more people. Another means is to record your blog so people can listen no matter what they are doing instead of having to sit down and read it. Merge content forms and observe the developments in your website.
  1. Create beneficial content.

  • Be the destination! Write contents that can benefit your users. Make it simple for your audience. Give them a thorough of the how-to, current pointers about tools, or anything that you think of that can be helpful. Giving your audience the best you possibly can, will make you the place where people know they can learn. It will be, as mentioned earlier a great destination.
  1. Clear up your website’s design and navigation.
  • If you work smart, your business will progress but never be too confident. Check our website’s design and navigation from time to time. You will never know if there is something wrong if you don’t ask a friend or a relative to check them. If there are any hardships, well, time to clear up and give your users a finer experience.
  1. Enhance connected post and link other blog post.

  • Aid people to locate what they want to see in your website. The finest means is to link other posts that are connected or similar in what you are writing.
  • Whenever you bring up something that you have created before, link to it asap!  This will be your cue to tell your users more or less identical topic only after they are done reading it.
  1. Make an accessible search option.
  • You have to offer your users what they want. If they don’t see it in your site, for sure, they will search for it somewhere else. By making a search option available in your site, users can immediately see what they are looking for. This will allow you to make some more of those helpful and useful content to benefit your visitors.