How to Do Your SEO Research and Study Your Target Audience?

When you think of an SEO campaign, do not just consider numbers, think of knowing your audience first. This will hasten the traffic and influence more conversion.

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There are many approaches to research and analyze your SEO audience. You are aware that there are tools for every method that will assist you in achieving your objectives swiftly and easier.


 This is the core of SEO. Utilize keywords that are fitting and pertinent to your brand or services.  When you have completed your list of keywords, pick the top 5 that can fully personify your brand or services. Through this strategy you will find the demographics that are connected to the phrases or words. Demographics.i0 is a tool to get the needed data for this intent. Try Google Trends and find the demographic information that you want to accomplish complete with data and location as well as how you can handle the trend.

Having all the data that includes – age, gender, and recent location you would be able to aid in identifying the potential. This will draw the whole picture as to what your web visitors’ concerns are, interests, and hobbies.


Analyze the visitors who wander to your site. This will describe the kind of audience that you have, and learn whether or not they are your target audience that will like your brand or service. To easily know this information, use Google Analytics but first enable the Interests and Demographic reports. Once you have done that, you can now go over the variety of audience details that you need such as age, interests and location.

These information will aid you in choosing the right content and topographical areas. Now, there is a chance you will discover that the audience you have now are not your preferred audience, then, go over your keywords and content to pinpoint where the problem lies. And then, remedy it, asap!


 Take a closer look at your site and gather all the data and analyze the various brands and other competitors. Basically, you are eyeing on the demographics and you can use tools like YouGov, Alexa, or Quantcast to gather all the data.


 There is nothing more direct than an email survey! This is such a truthful way of communicating with your target audience. But to get the most decent returns, make it short and simple. Ask about their general interests, insights, needs, or areas to improve. Use the data that you gathered to recognize content choices like videos, images, keyword targets, and a lot more.


Google has been progressively intensifying its way of delivering the answers in SERPs. Surely, you are interested to know the different inquiries of your future audience so you can make the necessary preparations and create the content at the right time. Utilize the various tools to aid you like SEMrush,  AnswerThePublic, and BuzzSumo.


After you have the data of your preferred audience, you still have something to fill the empty data by making another data research. Find out if you can have information about the lead features of your target audience. Then, go to Google Scholar and gather data about your demographics whether they are Gen X, Y, or Z.