SEO Tips That Are Easy to Do and Guarantee Great Results (Part 1)

SEO is not a walk in the park. It entails a lot of hard work; it does not come as a surprise that many people would take the effortless alternative route. It does feel good that there are still things that you can still do which are simple to follow.

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An example is link building and the outcome of which is significant. There are other strategies that can achieve that type of productivity in terms of content enhancement and link building. Here are some tips:

  • Take off stale and inferior content.

Perhaps you produced a great deal of content you thought would deliver. In reality, some of them may be rubbish. The way out here is to trim the content. What is unbelievable is that there are people who does not believe in this despite their knowledge that Google has strengthened itself against this kind of belief. Of course the outcome of this is poor traffic and ranking.

  • Knowing the content to be trimmed.  

What will make your work easier is to utilize the tool called Screaming Frog. It can crawl your site and come up with a URL list. This will enable you to have everything you need. Now that the specifics are with you, start analyzing the list. You can now pinpoint which of your content are excellent and which ones are rubbish. Then the next step is to manually explore each page to examine the content.

Pay attention to this list and use Google Search Console to assist you in exporting your CSV file of the URLs, which Google has compiled for your site. This will help you itemized by traffic. Therefore, study the URLs and exclude the traffic and proceed to achieve a satisfactory state.

The pages you have taken out should be redirected to a high quality page, and do not redirect them back to the main page. Another way would be putting them in the authorized suitable page; if not, 404 error page can do the job.

  • Employ schema markup.

Although unfounded that schema markup can influence ranking, it still remains crucial to SEO. This is simply because it could amplify your website presence in search results through larger click-through rates. The utilization of schema also called structured data helps the search engines import extra accurate viewpoints for users. Using it is pretty simple. Currently, Google is using speakable markup which will certainly rise to fame in the coming years.

  • Elevate your internal links.

Since, this is an intense scheme, it is still important for you to consistently inspect it on a regular basis. The thing with internal links is that the content frequently moves. If not, it gets deleted or websites take it down. Don’t take the chance, use the tool Screaming Frog or SEMrush to establish if redirect chains are present. You can also handle your internal links by utilizing WordPress plugins. There are so many plugins out there. With this, you can effortlessly improve, delete links in your site, and edit them too.

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