The Holiday Season and SEO (Part 2)

If you have read part 1, I have discussed in detail the planning part. Now, we all move on to the other vital parts of SEO. During the holidays, you will need to know the following:

  1. Advertising Approach
  2. The Technical Side
  3. The Checkout Procedure
  4. The Internal & External Links
  5. The Metrics

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Now that you are done with your content plan, it is time to work jointly with your social and customer service team. If you want visibility, this a very smart move. Back this up with your paid social accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and others. For sure, your content will be read by a great number of people.

Make sure that in all your social media postings, you better include a relevant link. This is for people to easily know your products and services. They can go ahead and share it right away on their social medial channels. This applies to all newsletters, events, promotions, and giveaways. In short, make your content accessible people. They should see it everywhere. Visibility is important in promoting a product.


Because of the busyness of the holiday season, technical errors can happen. One recurring issue is the fact that companies did not prepare for the rise in the holiday traffic. To steer clear of this scenario, you must have the fastest server ready to accommodate such traffic, ensuring that no unexpected crashing will occur.


Now, let us go to the mobile sector first. I, for one, shop online using my mobile phone. Target your landing page with a load time of two seconds maximum! If you can do a mean 1 second; that is even great.  Your customer will surely experience good shopping and this means, more sales!


Research shows us that abandoned carts during the holiday season are over 70%. This means, you should remember to optimize your checkout procedure.

Here are a few tips:

  • Lessen the checkout pages.
  • Lessen the information pages to be filled up.
  • Offer another choice, the guest checkout.
  • Examine the developments.


Internal linking is an underused strategy that could invigorate crucial landing pages. If you have pages that are connected, make sure that you own an internal link that moves to the main menu.

Make it your routine to find the prospects that can merit from the internal link opportunities. You must likewise forge a link in your website deriving from other websites. Bloggers remarking about your products are truly very important. Create that in your website. By accomplishing this, you will surely gain exceptional links to your site, which will increase your website performance and web traffic.


To come up with an effective plan, what you need to do is: to take note of the changes that had an enormous result on your website. Set up the benchmark to quickly distinguish how your site was able to accommodate the crowd of Christmas shoppers. Know the popular keywords that were used and what actions / decisions gave rise to your prospering website.