Reasons for Creating a Loyalty Program to Improve Your SEO Strategy

Brand loyalty and the user’s search query both play an significant part in your business. It is a remarkable marketing combo. Building a loyalty program assist in mapping out and primarily perceiving the excellent customer experience.

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Brand Loyalty & SEO Collaborative Stronghold for Life

  • Now that you have earned customers using your strategy, you must remember that it isn’t over yet. It is just a start of making a shopping pattern and an onset of relationship with your customer and your brand, and that could be for life.
  • Linking brand loyalty & SEO gives way for the marketers and its team to definitely put a line between customer recall and recognition which in the end gain the worth of a lifetime.
  • Unnecessary spending of your money on a monthly basis for SEO services is useless. It is a waste of resources mainly because the real deal is for people to consistently visit your website.

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Collecting the Recent Assessment

  • Take a look at Amazon that shows exactly the relationship between loyalty and SEO. They can always attract their customers and they can keep them too. One of the reason is because whatever people want they get it from Amazon.
  • And the great thing about Amazon is that they never stop from just selling. After each purchase and delivery, they make it a point to ask their customers about their experience by means of a product review. They do not forget to tell their customers what the other customers who bought the same product from them are now purchasing.
  • You should start knowing your customers because frankly that is the start of creating loyalty among your customers.

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Product Reviews: From the Goals to Inspirations

  • The center-most section of it all is loyalty marketing. It is there to inspire the customer’s actions, and it establishes communication that can have a bearing in your business. The successful sale of the product is not the end, but the beginning.
  • What will be such a treat is when a customer willingly shares a picture on social media and then tags a specific product, service, or promotion. Reviews are fantastic in the content scheme, which surely reinforces SEO.

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Discover the World Out There!

  • KPE (key performance indicator) and objectives related with loyalty program and SEO effort are not the same. When companies create their marketing plans projection, you must consider the approach of how awareness and customer relationships develop. It takes at least 3 purchases to label customers to be loyal to you.
  • Always find ways to encourage old and new customers to keep on coming back to your brand.  This is the start of a strong loyalty to your products.
  • Thus, companies should make certain that customers find what they want. Your website should not only provide excellent products, but it should also answer the lingering questions of your customers.

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SEO Tips That Are Easy to Do and Guarantee Great Results (Part 2)

If you are done with the taking out the lengthy and unnecessary content, the ones left are those you need to improve. Read part 1 to understand part 2. Let us go on to the next suggestions about strengthening significant content.

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  • Increasing more pertinent content.

    • To develop your content, here are some tips:
      • Do the correction of your content to increase its clarity, develop Work on the revision of your content to boost its comprehensibility, enlarge participation, and make it perfect.
      • Add fitting and workable video, media, images, and PDFS.
      • Increase research, case studies, original data, and statistics.
    • The objective here, is to center on the developed content. In other words, you should not target the topics that had no ranking and those topics who got a high ranking. That being said, let us review the following:
      • WORD COUNT
        • Size plays a big role. It shows you how in-depth different URLs are in opposite with each other.
      • DEPTH
        • Top ranking means you outdid the rest by coming up with an in-depth content in contrast to the rest. Having a lengthy content can be a compelling factor. You can examine yourself, can your content respond to the inquiries and other inquiries that are connected with the same question?
          • Examine the following:
            • Associated depiction
            • Conventional questions
            • Rundown of applicable orders and processes
          • CLARITY
          • If you’re interested to know if your content is good enough, use tools. It will be more objective.
            • Yoast can do it perfectly and it can edit your content too using WordPress all at the same time.
            • Your interest should be the clarity of your content which is easier to understand as oppose to the content who has a top ranking. You need to captivate them. It does change the game.
          • MEDIA
            • Do you have audio and video files or both of them in your content? Sure it will make your content even more appealing but also search engine will easily know what you have in your content. Aside from that, these makes the most elaborate subject matter simpler to grasp. On the other hand, video can make visitors so stuck in your site they stay there for a longer period of time. Your images should have watermark to avoid being stolen by your competitor.
  • Intensify page load speed.

  • If your load time is too slow, you will not increase your sales. It also follows that you will not rank. If you want to remedy the situation, then have a faster load speed. Do whatever it takes.
      • The cheaper web hosts has the tendency to put so many even thousands of websites in only one server. If this is the case, then, the horsepower will not be enough to cover everything. This will definitely make the page speed a lot smaller.
      • Generally, videos and images that are used in the sites are larger than what is needed. To optimize, just have the correct format for your media files. Check again if it has the correct size.
      • An example would be… if the image you need is small, do not try to resize it bigger than 600px. Try to know what you need first; don’t try to dump all the images to your website without even resizing it.

SEO Tips That Are Easy to Do and Guarantee Great Results (Part 1)

SEO is not a walk in the park. It entails a lot of hard work; it does not come as a surprise that many people would take the effortless alternative route. It does feel good that there are still things that you can still do which are simple to follow.

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An example is link building and the outcome of which is significant. There are other strategies that can achieve that type of productivity in terms of content enhancement and link building. Here are some tips:

  • Take off stale and inferior content.

Perhaps you produced a great deal of content you thought would deliver. In reality, some of them may be rubbish. The way out here is to trim the content. What is unbelievable is that there are people who does not believe in this despite their knowledge that Google has strengthened itself against this kind of belief. Of course the outcome of this is poor traffic and ranking.

  • Knowing the content to be trimmed.  

What will make your work easier is to utilize the tool called Screaming Frog. It can crawl your site and come up with a URL list. This will enable you to have everything you need. Now that the specifics are with you, start analyzing the list. You can now pinpoint which of your content are excellent and which ones are rubbish. Then the next step is to manually explore each page to examine the content.

Pay attention to this list and use Google Search Console to assist you in exporting your CSV file of the URLs, which Google has compiled for your site. This will help you itemized by traffic. Therefore, study the URLs and exclude the traffic and proceed to achieve a satisfactory state.

The pages you have taken out should be redirected to a high quality page, and do not redirect them back to the main page. Another way would be putting them in the authorized suitable page; if not, 404 error page can do the job.

  • Employ schema markup.

Although unfounded that schema markup can influence ranking, it still remains crucial to SEO. This is simply because it could amplify your website presence in search results through larger click-through rates. The utilization of schema also called structured data helps the search engines import extra accurate viewpoints for users. Using it is pretty simple. Currently, Google is using speakable markup which will certainly rise to fame in the coming years.

  • Elevate your internal links.

Since, this is an intense scheme, it is still important for you to consistently inspect it on a regular basis. The thing with internal links is that the content frequently moves. If not, it gets deleted or websites take it down. Don’t take the chance, use the tool Screaming Frog or SEMrush to establish if redirect chains are present. You can also handle your internal links by utilizing WordPress plugins. There are so many plugins out there. With this, you can effortlessly improve, delete links in your site, and edit them too.

More SEO tactics? I’ve got more tips discussed on this page.

The Holiday Season and SEO (Part 2)

If you have read part 1, I have discussed in detail the planning part. Now, we all move on to the other vital parts of SEO. During the holidays, you will need to know the following:

  1. Advertising Approach
  2. The Technical Side
  3. The Checkout Procedure
  4. The Internal & External Links
  5. The Metrics

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Now that you are done with your content plan, it is time to work jointly with your social and customer service team. If you want visibility, this a very smart move. Back this up with your paid social accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and others. For sure, your content will be read by a great number of people.

Make sure that in all your social media postings, you better include a relevant link. This is for people to easily know your products and services. They can go ahead and share it right away on their social medial channels. This applies to all newsletters, events, promotions, and giveaways. In short, make your content accessible people. They should see it everywhere. Visibility is important in promoting a product.


Because of the busyness of the holiday season, technical errors can happen. One recurring issue is the fact that companies did not prepare for the rise in the holiday traffic. To steer clear of this scenario, you must have the fastest server ready to accommodate such traffic, ensuring that no unexpected crashing will occur.


Now, let us go to the mobile sector first. I, for one, shop online using my mobile phone. Target your landing page with a load time of two seconds maximum! If you can do a mean 1 second; that is even great.  Your customer will surely experience good shopping and this means, more sales!


Research shows us that abandoned carts during the holiday season are over 70%. This means, you should remember to optimize your checkout procedure.

Here are a few tips:

  • Lessen the checkout pages.
  • Lessen the information pages to be filled up.
  • Offer another choice, the guest checkout.
  • Examine the developments.


Internal linking is an underused strategy that could invigorate crucial landing pages. If you have pages that are connected, make sure that you own an internal link that moves to the main menu.

Make it your routine to find the prospects that can merit from the internal link opportunities. You must likewise forge a link in your website deriving from other websites. Bloggers remarking about your products are truly very important. Create that in your website. By accomplishing this, you will surely gain exceptional links to your site, which will increase your website performance and web traffic.


To come up with an effective plan, what you need to do is: to take note of the changes that had an enormous result on your website. Set up the benchmark to quickly distinguish how your site was able to accommodate the crowd of Christmas shoppers. Know the popular keywords that were used and what actions / decisions gave rise to your prospering website.

Knowing the Quality of Your Links

When it comes to web rankings, it is vital to know what makes a link appropriate and practical. Here is some information for you to know the link quality.

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 The easiest way to learn if a link campaign endorsed by your friend is useful: will people from other sites where they obtained the links really convert? Sure it is not exact, but it will help you estimate if something can be of use to you or not.


If you are dead serious about quality, you have to inspect at a regular basis. Find-out the different kind of links which other sites have. It is a good sign if they have a lot of inbound links. But even if they do, but a lot of them comes from questionable link building approach, then forget it. It is not worth it if they come from suspicious and offensive site, it might do you more harm than good.


This is not indication that you should spend for a link.  This will just make you assess and weigh things to consider whether or not you should advertise and spend a bit more on a specific site. If in the end, you would want to, then think of how much and analyze why you should pay that amount to advertise? If it is because of a third party measure, it is not a good idea. Stop right there!


Not every site has traffic, and Not all of the brilliant web pages rank well.


What could be the possibility of a site visitor looking for Chinese food will be convinced to book a flight to China? What is the possibility that a site visitor looking at a real estate site in California is dead serious in purchasing a property in California? This clearly shows the relevance of visitor intent.


It does follow that if a link has traffic it shows that it is a good link. But then again, having traffic is not always positive. It may be useless all because of the visitor’s intent. Why do the visitors stay in the site for quite a while? Know why and read below.


 There was a campaign in the past that had an unbelievable result. It went viral because all the social media post caused so much traffic! The issue was that the site had so much links and traffics but they did not increase the sales. This means the recall of the brand was deficient.

You may ask how could this happen? Well, this is due to the visitor’s incorrect purpose. The lesson learned here is the fact that heavy traffic will not matter if the sales will remain the same. After all, hard work was meant for one thing and one thing only – sales!


  • First, did the link result for visitors to convert and become customers?
  • Second, investigate the inbound and outbound links.
  • The third, know the link’s usefulness. Understand the link’s connection and if it is really relevant.

5 Things to Note Before You Employ An SEO Expert

There are so many dreadful SEO firms who give their clients impossible promises and use bizarre and tacky methods that can directly damage your brand. Do not fall into unrealistic ways of applying SEO.Photo of Group of People in a Meeting

Don’t get me wrong because SEO will definitely bring in the returns. Truly, it is achievable to create a good SEO, have a remarkable outcome, more web traffic, and no shady tricks whatsoever.

When you offer your service or brand to your clients and prospective clients, first efficiently develop your trust with them. So, here are five things you oughta know before employing an SEO expert:


  • There are certain SEO firm that immediately suggests that your business can be one of Google’s top ten search results. SEO needs time to accomplish that. Anyone who says that to you has got to joking. No one can say you can rise to the top in just a snap!


  • It is after all a perennial effort. It entails continuous modification and always taking on your SEO strategy, and determining Google’s review on your outcome. You have no choice but to keep up because Google algorithm is frequently procuring and changing


  • Concentrate on coming up with brilliant content because Google tend to acknowledge websites that are exceptional. So, do not put a lot of things in your website that utilizes business words. Otherwise, do not anticipate that Google will send customers to you.
  • Target keywords that are essential to your company and don’t think much of figuring the keyword densities. Your audience are human, write for them.


  • In the past, the game was about the number of links that came back to your website. A few paid some dubious link farms or chose other terrible alternatives just to have a lot of link. Do not venture to that, the outcome of your Google result could suffer.
  • In actuality, second class links will drive you off the SEO game. Admit it, those days are gone. Today, it is not how many links you have, what counts is a good content that will allow people to read, learn, and be happy to share with family and friends.
  • A wise strategy is to get links from eminent sites like Search Engine Journal. Being with the right company matters. This ensure you that your Google results will go upward and not downward.


  • For quick results, obtain Google Ads for your crucial search terms. This ensures you to be on the top of the listings.
  • Check out and utilize the tool Google Ads Keyword Planner and start working. Just focus on your goal by coming up with fresh ideas and see where it will take you. Who knows, it might surprise you.
  • Now you are aware that SEO is a continuous process. Prepare to give it time and make sure you do it consistently and to always monitor. Accomplish the following:
    • Come up with newest content.
    • Constantly updating your website.
    • Include links on your posts and utilize social media.

How SEO Tools Can Lend a Hand in Running a Business

Humans commit mistakes and that is a fact. Even if we want to do things on our own, you will make yourself still constantly tired. All those efforts will end up ineffective because you are NOT in shape to make big decisions for your business.

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If you detest this kind of things transpiring in your company, then, seek the assistance of the SEO tools. You probably do not know what kind of help they can do for you. It is sufficient to say that that SEO tools can very well do the job of the entire marketing team which is from analysis down to recording. Time to cover how SEO can assist you to operate your company.


    If you have your own company, or you take care of a small business, you cannot work on many clients. Admit it, your time is limited. But if you consider using the right tools, things will be simpler that you can equip your SEO operation. Now, you can classify the enormous assignments to teeny ones and that should make it easier for you. You can employ a strategist to do the other jobs for you but the last one needs a copywriter. Then, you will have ample time to get more clients in your business and do some upselling services to the clients you have. You can think of thrilling offers that you can include in your portfolio that you don’t have to work yourself to death.


    Checking the SERPS can be too boring. You don’t have to, you know. A single site audit can give you extremely helpful data like broken links.


    When you come to the office, it is certain that you will immediately do the daily routine at the office and you will no longer have the time to optimize. Remember, there are various tools that can tell you how efficient you are. A site audit tool will show you how you fare in fixing errors in your site. In addition, tools can tell you the time you spent before reaching the top.


    When you have been in the business for a long time, you lose the chance of having a fresh view point. Competitor research is the answer to your need to create a more recent strategy for your company. There are many competitor analysis tools that can give you your opponent’s information.


    One area of the service to your client is by coming up with an excellent report. This will showcase all the hard work you put in. This kind of report is tiresome and needs a lot of details. Do not worry, there are tools even in reporting. Use SEMrush, Google Data Studio, and etc; there are other choices out there that can also email your report.


    This is critical in terms of decision making. Alongside its purposeful performance, SEO tools can give you an exceptional visualization of your analysis and gain more insights that can’t be obtained from intrinsic business tools.

The Holiday Season and SEO

The holiday season is that time of the year when we are swarm by discounts, sales, and freebies. This is the time that people regularly spends time in search engines to find the best gifts for their loved ones and friends. They also look for some gift ideas, party ideas, the right menu for family gatherings, and a whole lot more.

season of gifts

With all these time spent online, isn’t this the perfect time to make sure that folks knows that your website is very much alive and kicking? You should be optimizing your site and make sure that you use keywords that will draw attention. You need to have ranking, a lot of traffic, and most especially, promos!

Do you know how to accomplish this? Read on and see the tasks you need to do before the holiday sets in.


During the holiday seasons, businesses usually gain a whopping 50% increase in sales. That alone should encourage you to plan for the coming holiday. Start with audit to study and identify the likelihood of developing your content, or revise the content that you already have in hand.

Do you really think that you can manage to rank for Christmas gifts when you do not have a Christmas content? Maybe you have thought out a landing page that contains Christmas gift ideas, or do current content that has that Christmas gift intent. You should be able to offer something that has to do with the holiday season, and come up with related keywords. This will give you a better chance for conversion.

One way of doing this is to accomplish a calendar with different content concepts. Also, have an FAQ pages to respond to the different questions. Certainly, many people will be looking for gift ideas so it is wise to publish content earlier than the rest. The purpose is to be able to immediately grab the customer’s interest.

Before you jump into action, first analyze your performances in the previous holiday season.  Know the following:

  • The products that had the best feedback the previous year?
  • How people discovered the landing pages?
  • What kind of search inquiries brought the traffic to the landing pages?
  • By what means did this influence your conversion?
  1. To increase your sales and drive more traffic, try organic and paid ads. Surely, your website can control the outcome of the search engines result pages. This will allow your brand’s presence to your customers and the future ones as well.
  2. Practice social listening. You should know what are the current trends and which ones are moving in terms of sales. This will give your brand an edge.
  3. Login to Pinterest and start creating your holiday boards to make known the different products you have for the holiday. This will make your web pages distinct in time for the upcoming holidays.
  4. Use your previous content, and edit it to add your latest products. Use your past customers list, and tell them about your new products in advance. Reconnect and show them what you’ve got to offer. This way, they have time to get ready.

5 Useful SEO Plugins & Extensions You Can Download for FREE

Most people make use of the browsers to get into the different websites, but most professional SEO does more than that. They spend their time using plugins and extensions to multitask. So, let’s talk about the various types of SEO plugins, and how to use them to manage your website. There’s nothing to worry about because it’s free to use. Interested? Let’s go!

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Ghost Browser

  • This is a plugin for Google Chrome, and uses “sessions” within every tab or window. The tabs makes use of colors to avoid confusion.  The reason for this is because you can use multiple tabs every session. You could likewise use a session to log in to your numerous social accounts. For instance, log in to 3 different Facebook pages at the the same time.
  • The pro version of Ghost Browser charges every month, but the basic is for free. It allows 3 free sessions.

Chrome Developer Tools

  • There is just too many functions, features, and uses of this tool. So for the sake of discussion, we will just run down what is more important. This tool helps you see the real-time view of your website as you test the different features of it. No need to switch to a different browser just to check how it looks.
  • This tool is incorporated into Google Chrome’s service. You can enter using Chrome Menu> More tools> Developer tools. The basic use of this tool is to find code, to distinguish the various webs elements, and to repair them if needed. Learn more and check out the Chrome DevTools page.

SEO Quake

  • This one is a classic among the plugins and extension. With just one click SEO Quake can give you the list of some insider information.
  • A little bit of clicks, you gain entry to keyword backlinks stats, density details, and other information such as metas, heading tags, and more.
  • This is not an alternative for the prevailing site audit tools. SEO Quake is awesome in getting a quick snapshot of a page’s info. It is compatible with SEMrush that you could mix it with this free extension.

User-Agent Switcher

  • This is great for people who just started developing their new sites especially if they are building it by using expected technologies. Its name is what it really is. Easy to set up plugin that manoeuvres the user agent details that allows you to look at a site as a typical bot or browser.
  • User-Agent Switchercan be useful in discovering how a certain site will load with different browsers or operating systems.

Ghost Proxy Control

  • It is an extension and pre-loaded with Ghost Browser. One of the bonuses of the combo is that you can surely load different proxies in the various session utilizing a tab for each location. This is so good in checking the SERP results coming from various areas and observing them all at one time. The best part is that you can see them side by side. This is such an awesome extension most especially for local SEO.
  • The Ghost Proxy Protocol extension is free, but its substitute in general are paid. Well, utilize the free proxies; having 3 free sessions ain’t bad. If you wish to spend for those that you need, 10 dedicated proxies could cost $20 a month.

7 Needless Squandering of Money on SEO

Compared to the other digital marketing channels, SEO needs a lot of time and money. These two aspects influence the accomplishment and could possibly break even in the beginning. Success in SEO may take time so expecting instant results won’t help you.


That is why a lot of companies have become cautious. The effort, time, and money you gave the project gained no tangible results. Even the most steadfast plans can go off track.

It is not too late. You can still learn how to save yourself from squandering your money on unnecessary things. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Set goals from day one.

    Doing this will not only save you money; it will give you time to find the right metrics. When you do not coordinate, the metrics you are using will be totally different from the SEO team. You should work as one team here, and everything you will use should coincide. The course of action should be clear from the very start.

  2. Use the right metrics.

    There are various tools available online, and not all of them can be an answer to your problems. These tools are made to fulfill specific goals, and it may not be the same as yours. So, choose what fits your agenda. Just because one metric tool is popular it does not automatically mean that it is for you.

  3. No apparent designation.

    It is vital to clarify who takes care of what part. Not doing this means there will be no coordination and some tasks will be way ahead of the rest. This could mean other people will spend time waiting. Should this happen, you will lose some of your resources.

  4. No guidelines.

    Executing something that is very difficult and without certain guidelines would surely be a disaster. You could end up stuck in a ditch instead of being proactive. If your people and your team cannot answer all your questions, then, they do not understand your business. So, go back, and establish the guidelines.

  5. A website with no potential.

    First, both the website owner and the SEO should know what to expect from the very start. The website should be carefully studied so that the owner will know if the website can be improved or if creating a new one is a better idea. This is needed in order to allocate the right budget basing from the assessment of the present website.

  6. Using outdated methods.

    Never compel yourself from doing SEO because without the right knowledege, you might make use of the outdated methods. Thus, making your SEO efforts useless because it will never work with the current trend. If you aren’t sure, pause and research about it rather than investing money right away.

  7. Pay only for the tools you need.

    These are the things you should think about:

    • What are the different tools you are paying now?
    • Are you even using them?
    • Are they of help to you?

There are tools that you don’t use often, and there are those that don’t get used at all. Identifying these tools can really save you a lot of money. Make use of what you already have. In which case, there is no additional expenditure.