The Major Issues That Worry the SEO Newbies

Not just hundreds of thousands but millions of founders and marketers avoid utilizing SEO despite the numerous advocates that vows for its efficiency and probable ROI. The explanation for this is that many people, especially that newbies, have issues concerning SEO. ROI Every businessman, most especially the newbies will always think of their return of […]

Boost SEO Traffic By Updating Your Past Blog Posts

It is shocking to know that some people do not even have a system to upgrade their old blog posts. For sure, there were many opportunities to improve the contents in the past, but didn’t. For sure there are so many things going on in your mind. Let’s take it up one at a time. […]

5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 2)

We all know how SEO has progressed and how important it is for us to cope up with the changes. In part 1, we have taken up 5 free SEO tools. To help you further in the SEO arena, let us continue to take up the other free SEO tools you should use. Here they are: […]

5 SEO Tools That Are Free to Use (Part 1)

SEO is still continuously progressing beyond our imagination. It has done wonders to all of us, getting continuous information in just about anything we could think of. To keep up to the fast pace of SEO, new trends has to be made soon as the need arises. Currently, what we have are the voice search […]

Why User Engagement Is Vital For SEO and 7 Ways to Increase It

Everybody is concern about the search engine ranking and bringing in traffic in their websites that a lot of people do not remember the most vital element, the user engagement. Engaging with your audience only happens when they know the value of your content. Thus, there is a big possibility of improvement in your search […]