SEO Elements to Firmly Follow this 2019

Last year, there were thrilling changes in how Google ranks its sites. Previously, the links are biggest ranking factor. But today, that is no longer the case. For your covenience, below are the SEO elements to firmly follow this year:

  • Understand the Structured Data

Structured Data terrifying in the beginning, but if you will try, it is not difficult to know how it works. Just copy, paste and use it.

  • Refrain from structured data error
  • There are a great number of sites that were penalized because of their incorrect implementation of structured data. And even if you did not really intend to, you get castigated just the same. It is always good to be careful.
  • That being said, here are the standard structured data errors you need to stay away from:
    • Violates a definite data type of Google’s Guidelines.
    • Violates Google’s Structured Data Customary Specifications.
    • The structured data and the on-page content are not equivalent.
    • Unsuitable usage of structured data.

Utilizing shortcuts and taking the privilege called manipulative behavior.

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  • Know Podcasts

Podcasts has became such a favored technique to utilize content. Find out if your would-be customers are tuning in to podcasts that has to do with your field. If so, try all means to reach them.  It could be by using sponsorship, by motivating a particular content that is appealing, or taking a role on the podcast. It is a digital audio file found in the internet waiting to be downloaded by any device that a subscriber can systematically receive. That being said, podcast can be a great way to add in your content marketing.

  • Increase your Content Focus

It is possible that content is the greatest piece of marketing in 2019. If that is not your focus, then you might have to pay a huge price for it. 2018 saw a tremendous number of sites that lost painfully in their ranking. This shows you that there is no way out in producing the coolest content you could ever think of.

The ultimate outcome is the fact that pages do get great ranking due to the websites link to the pages. This goes to show that those said pages achieved to settle a problem. Nobody would link to a web page just because of its keyword relevance.

  • Boost SEO Image

Treat your images the same way you treat your heading elements and title because they all are responsible in making the page rank better. Images likewise amplify your ranking standing by being in the enhanced listings.

  • Who does not love the step by step guide? Screenshots and illustrations assist a whole lot and Google tends to use images in enhanced listings. Even just one image that tells something could get you to the top ranking.
  • One reason that could slow down your rankings and sale could be because your images are defined by megabytes. This will give you heavy images and that is equivalent to higher bandwidth on your server. Surely, you will have to pay extra charges to the web host. Apart from this, it will be one of the factors why your server will greatly slow down. This occurs when visitors simultaneously come to your site.

SEO Practices That Are Old Yet Very Relevant

Some of the new SEO practices are extremely functional, but let us not underestimate the old school SEO habits that are still very functional to this day. It has been a great help to websites to have a better ranking, and let us not forget, earnings! Sounds great? So, let us take a look at those old school SEO habits, and see how you can use them.

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    • When people are successful there is the tendency to unnecessarily share their success with friends in small or big gatherings. It is also a time to boost how good they are in your field. The old school SEO will tell you that you have to be very cautious even if you are tempted. Yes, you feel good knowing how a lot of the people are awed with you, but the price you have to pay for that is not worth it.
    • If you are not discreet, you made yourself the target of jealous business owners that will challenge you to the end of your wits. They could destroy you personally and they could destroy your enterprise. So, if you are wise enough, zip it!

    • Make sure that you can cover and hide from your rivals so they will have a very hard time looking for your search engines and gain entry in the websites that you have. Once more, go to the first rule, cover and never tell the public how your strategy is linked to it from either a public blog or social media. If you don’t, you are endangering your business.
    • What is odd is that there are still a number of people who do not believe in this. There was a story of a popular search expert that was too talkative. He purposely linked one of his sites that came from a blog post to tell the world how great its ranking was using this approach. What is sad in the story is, a few days later, Google banned his site.

    • It is not wise to ever share links joining websites or attaching your websites. It is advisable to keep yours unconnected. This will keep your website safe and sound even if one of your websites blow off, it will unable to annihilate your network or other sites.
    • The truth is that no matter how honestly you followed the SEO rules, other people will use dishonest SEO practices, and should your sites gets implicated, that will endanger the other sites that are attached to the unsafe site.

    • A rapid download speed results to more ad impressions followed by additional sales. In an odd amount of traffic, your site is surely running. What is dreadful is that such humongous traffic will see the server crash due to its weight. Remember to keep the template code light.
    • If you want to decrease your speed in the max level, make certain that:
      • Lessen your usage of intricate effects or animations.
      • Don’t utilize external buttons, fonts, and icons. Try to use what is built-in.
      • Use the most uncomplicated template.

    • File names must be short. It will look terrific on social media. Apart from that, it is effortless to memorize. And that is something you want, don’t you?

SEO Guide for Micro Enterprises (Part 2)

When you have a micro enterprise to run, for sure it is something you have always wanted to do. But that is not the end of it. For sure, you have experienced, tracking the receipts, paying the bills, and the hardest part is that you have become your company’s customer service rep. If you think that it is the end of it? Well, you are so wrong! One day, you might find yourself holding the mop, too. Yes, you have become your own janitor! Don’t get me wrong, it is noble to be able to do all those things but, hey, you have forgotten one very essential thing. You haven’t had the time to figure out how to be on top.

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Here are the primary SEO principles you need to sink your teeth into:

  • Links

  • Why links have weight?

  • When a site mentions you, that link is called PageRank. The firmer the linking page, and if the link is noticeable, then, it counts as important. Generally, when the link is expected to be clicked by users that only means it holds a lot of meaning.
  • What are the stuff to check out in a link?

  • It does depends on the series of development. However, there a few guidelines you should follow.
    • Are there other basis besides link building for the link to be in  circulation?

      • Before anything else, should your answer be a resounding “no” then it does not carry any weight. Of course, there are other strategies that can generate traffic and value but not enough to state its cost devoid of weight to be explored and analyzed.
    • Will you be satisfied to know where the link you clicked went to?

      • There are times that the links become stuck and it could go to a peculiar place, or it could land in an odd part of a website. Should the link does not serve its purpose of satisfying the visitor on its page, then, it hardly has a weight.
    • Does your opponent have the link?

      • If your opponent has a link from a certain site, it is not good. However, if and only if, we are talking 3 or 4 of your opponents’ links from that certain link, and does very well on its ranking, it could be good.
      • If we are talking about 3 or even 4 of your rivals that links from a particular site, and ranks well, it maybe be good. Of course, it is still your decision but you shouldn’t forget that it is a definite sign a good sign that it has weight, and it is obtainable.

At the end of the day, your task should be that the anchor text is equivalent to what the user anticipates when they clicked the link.

  • Technical Features

  • The technical SEO tend to designate to the back end of the website. The outcome of technical SEO can be shown in the following:
    • Identical content
    • The website’s swiftness
    • The scripts used
    • Internal linking design
  • If you don’t know, don’t do it because it will give you more harm than good. SEO is technical and it is for technical SEO professionals. That is how to win the game. More information are posted here!








SEO Guide for Micro Enterprises (Part 1)

It will be wise for you to know the essentials of SEO. To help you, here are the topmost principles of SEO that micro enterprise owners need to be aware of. All you have to do is to understand and you are on your way to a better SEO result. So let’s go over them:

  • How can they affect search?
  • What are the directions?
  • Learn how to plan or get someone who can do it for you.

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It is helpful to grasp the fundamental terms and use them. But it should not stop from there, you should also understand the principles.

  • User Intent
  • Content is not the king. The user intent is. That does not mean that you will do away with your content because it is still part of the whole SEO activity. But before you venture into that, ask yourself this simple question, “what type of content will really and truly get me to do the search engine user’s intent?
  • The answer is simple. If users want to search for “sandals,” it is obvious that they have the intention of purchasing. Now, think, how many websites are there where people can buy sandals? Pretty sure, there is a great number of sites out there.
  • Let us consider your intent. Okay, you are selling sandals and the users simply searched for sandals in the search engine and you are not really certain of its intent. We also talked about the intent which is of course to buy sandal. Obviously, there are thousands of sites that Google can choose that can fulfill that intent. Despite that, a research clearly showed that users are not just drawn in purchasing sandals.
  • Google’s concern is not on your intent, but that of the searcher’s.
    • A site that considers the searcher’s intent more has a higher chance of ranking high with Google because you have fulfilled the user’s intent. This goes to show, that yes, you have the searcher’s intent and it was fulfilled by the help of your well-thought of and well-written content. And that, is a sure fire winner!
  • Local SEO
  • If you are considering the local market, you probably know, if not, heard about the SEO strategies. Understand that your SEO should look after local suitableness than the whole site’s dependability.
    • You might look at it as giving more significance to the local nature of links as against the volume that you need to ensure your on-site visibility that reinforced your location. You do not have to fill your city more than you should when it comes to content.
    • What you do need to focus on are:
      • Looking for an administrative layout that serves your purpose and placing it in the varied pages.
      • Putting a Google Map of your business on your contact page.
      • Acknowledging your micro enterprises on Bing Places.
      • Studying your other micro enterprises listing apart from Google and Bing.

As far as your link efforts are concerned, zero-in on the undersized local papers instead of the larger sites. This is not to keep you away from huge chances, it is just that it will take more of your time and effort and might even have an end result of the downturn of your returns. There is also a continuation of this post. Part 2 of this article is posted right here.


Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 2

Since things always change, it follows that SEO strategies has its own changes too. The techniques that were effective during a certain period of time, but today, they aren’t anymore. Those should be left behind or better still buried, but many small businesses and rookie marketers still prefer to apply the SEO outdated ways. It is useless to keep utilizing those ancient ways of promoting a website. So, disregard these methods:


  • This can be done using a software. It is a scheme of taking a great article and making different words, phrases, and arrangement. And because it contains exactly the same as the original content, it is non-effective.
  • True, AI has become effective in writing, but a real person can create something only the mind can produce. It is only humans who can write with a lot of substance and bravado that other humans can understand and empathize with.


  • At a certain period of time, it did well in the ranking but not anymore. Lazy marketers decided not to do their own content. They chose to arrange, hand-picked and copy/paste other people’s content and link back the content to the original content. This will not make their content significant.
  • Do away with that kind of strategy. It is now a common knowledge that good content are given a reward by the search engines simply because it can tell what is honest and what is not. Do what is right, and your success is just around the corner.

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  • This is something that a number of webmasters and marketers does not grasp. We are talking about keywords and its significant role in the SEO efforts. They, likewise, do not know how to use it in their everyday life.
  • Do not delude your users and present to them a content that is not embodied by recurring keywords just to have additional exposure. Google can pinpoint that, and without a doubt, it is one antiquated SEO practice.
    • It is the many occasion that a phrase or a keyword is displayed on a web page as in contrast to the entire number of words on the page. If what you do is just writing for a certain keyword density, you are completely losing the whole point of your article.
    • You have forgotten that Google will not count on keyword density to recognize the webpage’s competence. Now, you ask, what works? Short and sweet, awesome content and how you communicate it. Now those are potent!
    • This is a method that is the oldest trick in the SEO book. While it is true that the name of the game is keywords, that does not mean you will have oodles of them to load to your website just so you reach the top. No way!
    • Everybody knows keyword stuffing. Long before, webmasters placed keyword options and in just about anywhere even if it means placing it in the website footer. What is really devious is placing the keyword in the background with the same text color! They can fool their audience, but not the search engine crawlers. Webmasters did this kind of scheme with links, but that is not right. Your users are humans, not some computer, and certainly not the search engines!
    • Want to read more? Catch up on part 1 here!

Antiquated SEO Practices You Should Eliminate Part 1

SEO had made a lot of various experimental changes in the past years and it still has been going through it up to this very day. Regardless of the many developments, other people prefers to cling to the old ways of utilizing the antiquated practices to increase its presence and accomplishments. Admit it, those old tricks are so useless.  What you need now is to read the guide below to show you the strategies that will give you negative effects on your website.


  • Write in a natural way, if not, the search engines would know. Marketers should never bank on repetition of the subject. It is totally not suitable! Before, when crawlers sees this keyword repeated many times including its different variations, it will result to high ranking. Today, that isn’t working at all. What is more current are search engines that can ID the scheme, including its poorly written content. Write not for the numbers, write for people!


  • Never attempt to outwit the system, it will not work. But people will keep on trying simply because it gives enough enhancement of the brand’s website.
  • It is a proven fact, articles directories works. Nevertheless, it requires a quickly written article, and submitting it to the multitudes of article directories, and link it to your website. This is in expectation that people will publish it in their own website in the hope of additions in its content. But watch out now, the duplicate content filters and underlying link penalties, makes article directories disadvantageous for the majority of webmasters.
  • Most people know that Google unleashed its game-changing Panda update in 2011. It looks for websites that has inferior content which means, they are terribly written, rubbish, if not, the content could initially belong from another website. So, the question is, why do people still keeps on practicing this strategy?
Analytics, Charts, Graphics, Marketing, Traffic, Seo

Analytics, Charts, Graphics, Marketing, Traffic, Seo


  • Anchored text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. The keywords used are hints that the search engines knew the topic of a particular web page. The web’s standard is the underlined blue anchor text despite the fact that even the color can be altered.
  • Headline, page title, naked, exact match are the types of anchor text. It really depends on the circumstances and how it is used.
  • Earlier, it has been consistently the keyword-rich and precise match that was the SEO remarkable common standard practice. Google’s Penguin will be able to detect the overly magnified content. As a result, nothing can duplicate the remarkable well- thought-of and well-written content. When you write to people and for the people, it is a sure winner.


  • All these years, keywords has been changing rapidly. The succeeding years, tools tried to replicate the keyword data.
  • Marketers depended on Google’s Keyword Planner simply because it’s available for free. Google owns this so it is not a surprise if people constantly use it up to this day. It will assist you to recognize what works. It provides you the insights of perceiving the target and the user’s intent as well.
  • When it comes to paid alternatives there’s SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool and Moz Keyword Explorer tool. If you want something for free, turn to Google Trends.

Why Accessibility is Important for SEO

We all should take accessibility seriously when we talk about SEO and web development. You should never be disregarding this because it will increase your ranking and your sales.

How did WordPress Faced this Issue

Sadly, WordPress faced this matter in retrospect. Just because they have built a plugin to do everything for them rather than creating accessibility straight in the platform. Honestly, they realized that their approach was wrong, but the reality is that they still have to create it in their platform. There are a good number of reasons why this has to be known to you outside of the clear actuality that majority of the screen readers does not do what you suppose they will.

How accessibility helps your business grow.

How accessibility helps your business grow.

Here are the factors why focusing on accessibility is important:

  • This should be analyzed by individuals who does web development and digital advertising.
  • This escalates your SEO decreasing your bounce rate.
  • Accessibility amplifies your traffic.
  • Accessibility also boosts your sale.
  • Accessibility could lessen jump quotes.
  • Accessibility could enjoy ranking benefits using alt text and other features.
  • Accessibility can boost your sales.
  • Accessibility can lessen the bounce rates.
  • Accessibility can escalate your site’s being known along those disregarded by your competitors. Remember, handicapped persons are also consumers. Should the other digital marketing or web development does not realize this, you gain an advantage. You may elect not to go along with them and serve a community that your rivals has neglected.

What is the Stand of the SEO Community?

People know the importance of accessibility, but then, they think of the additional cost first instead of the many advantages it will bring. Only a few of the websites considers accessibility as their focal point despite the fact that SEO is not their concern. Anticipatively, Google will begin placing this in their algorithms and everybody should prepare once this really happens. If you are still skeptical, well, you can just have a look at the great deal of voice searches. It is a reality.

Prospering Online Through Accessibility.

A search marketer will do anything to get even 1% conversion rate. This escalates the bounce rate a little of its percentage points. This will lower your file length. Know that every tiny bit counts. Despite the fact that there are other things to think of like other features and alt tags that can help you achieve a better ranking for your website. All you have to do as a marketer is to have a logical reason; you have to learn that these reasons live. Only then, can you begin your plans for your website. If you have many activities on hand, you might want to contact Seattle Search Engine Optimization. They can do the job for you.

In online marketing, everything that you do should have a practical reason for giving it a shot. Don’t do something just because you feel good about it. Do it because it is your business and the result is good earned money. To center on accessibility is creating more sales. Yes, it is money we are talking about here. But remember, it is not just about you, more than that, it is all about your customers.

5 SEO Terms to Ditch Right Now & 5 New Terms to Focus On

Do you know Godfather III, Pretty Woman, Mariah Carey, and Honda Civic? What is common among them? The answer is simple: after 20 long years, they are still known. It is the same with SEO! There would be SEO phrases that are trendy. Additionally, there are SEO phrases that we should eliminate.

Outdated phrases to eliminate now:

  • SEO

    • It has many names such as “search engine placement,” though none of these titles was embedded in the minds of people. Truthfully, it is just SEO who were and still is remembered and used.
    • Does it describe what content marketers and search engine actually do? Does most people really do just mere optimization for search engines?
  • Link Building

    • It is a process of gaining hyperlinks that are from other websites going to your
      website. This is the reason why it is often being changed and now creating top quality links is a must.
    • The only hindrance here is that there is no simple direction saying what can be done and what cannot be done.
    • The funny thing is that there are more things that cannot be done compared to what can be done. It is very cunning that the word should be replaced by something that is has more positivity linking habits.
  • Black hat SEO is so antiquated!
    • To start with, algorithm revision will take away the bad schemes. And so, the sites that continuously use the term instantly plummeted down in ratings. Another aspect is that the experience of the users will diminish that despite the high rankings, and it will no longer matter.
  • White hat SEO means the usage of optimization schemes and capabilities that enhances your ranking in the user-friendly SERP results.
    • Meantime, it does continue to be truthful by following the guidelines of search engines. It is the only process that is constant and shows to be rewarding not only to your website but your brand and your business, too.
  • SEO Hacks is exactly as it sound, negative! Honestly, there is really no SEO “black hat” or “white hat.”
    • In general, it is an unofficial encroachment that infringes another person’s personal information in the intention of exploiting it. It likewise means altering a definite system if not, messing around the security features.

Black Farmed Eyeglasses in Front of Laptop Computer

Meanwhile, here are the SEO phrases you should use:

  • Content marketing

    • It is the “in thing” when it pertains to marketing. What is potent is the
      combination of Content Marketing and SEO to assure success to those companies who uses this strategy.
  • SEO copywriting

    • It is a type of writing that makes use of key words. We are talking about the
      words that users type in the search box to attain high ranking which the search results can show.
  • Artificial intelligence

    • It is the building of intelligent machines. We are talking about voice search, content robots, and voice assistants that alters our search experience. It consists of speech recognition, learning, problem solving and planning.
  • Virtual reality

    • It could possibly be the subsequent technology that could perfectly mix together. Virtual reality plus content could meet the virtual goals that perhaps is inconceivable but obtainable.
  • Trust building.

    • It is a phrase that should not be forgotten. This signifies that you concentrate
      on the user and the audience. Begin to build the user’s trust by simply helping them.


Facts to Consider Before Making Important Changes in Your Website Part 2

It is wise to stop and think first before starting to redesign your website. You need to thoroughly think of the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. It is important for you to know the power and the feebleness because in knowing this, you will be able to decide which ones has to remain and what should be taken off. Aside from this factor, you should also need to maintain your online rankings.

Person Using Macbook While Holding on Planner Book

So, here are 7 things you should consider:

  • Search for 404 Page Not Found responses.

    • Most people think 404 response codes are not that important. They really are! It’s the server response to a broken link. Once your web visitors have encountered a broken link, you should be able to guide back to the right track.
    • When you crawl into a certain website and find the 404 response codes, this only means that something is wrong. There might be broken links. Find out where exactly the mistakes are, and provide the correct URL.
  • Locate thin pages.

    • There is a great deal of good content management systems existing and all you have to do is to choose the one that provides you the means to enhance and control your site.  So, even if you are not a technical person, this will work for you. Survey every page using an SEO audit tool and locate those pages that has only a few content.
  • Make a copy of your content.

    • Google classifies by choosing one page to rank and allow the link signals that comes from the duplicate page to the singled-out page.
    • To make everything easier, you can use canonical to help search engines where the main page for the content is. Your SEO site will definitely improve this way.
  • Stage your site.

    • This is done by doing an identical copy of the new site but its location is in another folder or server.  Use a password to protect it and to block search engines as well. After you have finished, you need to test it to know the errors before you do any changes.
  • Try and examine the new website yourself.

    • The tips above are the important things you should think about should you need to make crucial changes in your website. Perhaps, it is not that complete because the truth is that there are many minor adjustments you must know of.
    • There are a handful of examples like making two or three backups that you can add to the list. You just have to make sure that the files and the images are downloaded properly using the right steps. This will make sure also that your files will be safe from being corrupt.

That’s it for now. I hope you have learn some tips upon reading this post. If you want to go back to part 1, you can follow this link.

Facts to Consider Before Making Important Changes in Your Website Part 1

With all the changes in the SEO world, you know that you need to be at par with the rest of your competitor if not, surpass them. You may also realized that your design is not a good fit for your purpose. Therefore, it is time for a change but, hold it right there.

Gray Laptop Computer Showing Html Codes in Shallow Focus Photography

Before you do so, you need to examine the current status of your website. Review the defects, potentials, strengths, and other options. You should be able to know the things to stay and what should be removed. In spite of the changes, your ranking should not decline at all. There are 2 things you should consider before you make any changes:

Site Architecture.

  • Assess the arrangement of the pages and there are two things to study:
    • Go on with the current site architecture and never lose your rankings.
    • Having said that, keep your present site architecture which will mean that you will have to use the same URLS and the classifications. That is, of course if you will not change your web pages. Should you want to merge web pages, then chose the most marketable URL and redirect the former URLS to the one you have now.
  • Just remember to be cautious, you should be aware that 301 redirects can only be done if the pages of which are almost the same with each other. If they are not a good match, for sure, it will result to a critical ranking.
  • Overhaul the old framework to enhance your rankings.


Enhance the Site Architecture.

  •  Some people thinks that a “flat site architecture” has a better chance in ranking. A flat architecture means that each page may be reached in one, two, or three links. The web pages of course will not be categorized. Here, all pages is to be crawled and indexed to have a fair chance in ranking.
  •  A flat site framework may not be a good idea because a website ranks for a lot of phases.
  • Contradictory pages are possibly great for unlike phrases. What is practicable is arranging the website in different classification. Hence, if you want to enhance your website, examine your website’s architecture, you might be able to discover some more things you need to change or improve. If the case is disorganization, then it is time to upgrade your site with an awesome category structure that will definitely work better.
  • It will be real cool if you have systematized content because it could make your ranking possibly better. The reason for this is simple, if you have arranged within the categories, everything will interlinked which will have a considerable context to each other.
  • A carefully deliberated category page is a good page to answer all the general questions.

 During a Google Webmaster office-hours hangout, John Mueller shared the importance of NOT using a noindex,follow tag:

 “So it’s kind of tricky with noindex. Which I think is somewhat of a misconception in general with the SEO community, in that, with a noindex and follow, it’s still the case that we see the noindex.

And in a first step we say ok we don’t want this page shown in the search results. We’ll still keep it in our index. We just won’t show it. And then we can follow those links.

But if we see the noindex there for longer then we think, this page really doesn’t want to be used in search. So we will remove it completely. And that we won’t follow the links, either.”

…noindex and follow is essentially kind of the same as a noindex, nofollow.”

If you want to watch the complete Google Hangout discussion, click here. If you want to jump directly to the second part, you can do so by clicking this link!